Monday, June 19, 2006


I went for a walk to the back of the farm last evening and decided to take some pictures. It is so peaceful back there. The barn kitties came out to greet me and stretch their long, lean paws and the cows sauntered over to stick their tongues out at me. There is a long dirt path that leads to the back fields and it has two worn tire tracks from years of tractor treads (and footprints from other admirers, I suppose) . I walked along one of the tracks, trying to avoid the long scratchy grass and made my way to the rolling fields of grain. It was warm and breezy, the sun was setting and the clouds were sliding across the sky. What a beautiful time to ponder life's ponderables.

The peonies on the front lawn have decided to grow flower heads so large that they bow down to the ground. Bowing before their creator, not proud and pompous with their bright, sweet blooms, but rather seeming humble and grateful to be adorned with such beauty.

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