Wednesday, October 18, 2006


As I sit and watch my fingers dance away, I can hear the siren like theme song of Dora the Explorer and smell the roasting Cornish hens in the oven, My house is a very comfortable temperature, and I feel blessed to be alive today.

I had a thought earlier of what it may be like when I meet Jesus face to face. I thought about how when we make it to heaven and we have to give an account of our actions and decisions..., explaining why we chose to do what we did....I wondered how that would go.
I can only imagine we will be laying face down in pure respect and reverance and complete and utter amazement, awe and humbleness, nearly fainting from wonder. Realizing we had this great opportunity to live our life for him, tell others about him, and praise him in all we do.....and what did we do with that opportunity??

I know there are too many times to count, when I've chosen my selfish nature over something I knew would be more pleasing to the Lord. My thoughts earlier today were on this moment of meeting our Awesome Creator and when we are giving an account for our sins....will he show us what our life would have been like had we chosen the correct path, and made the right decisions?

We are all given free's what you do with that free choice that's pleasing or dis-pleasing to the Lord. I think about that moment and wonder if I truly, with all I have, earnestly make the effort to make the correct choice in a given opportunity...How that would change my 'moment of account'.

We have the opportunity to be more than just a resident in Heaven. We have the opportunity to be given responsibilities and earn crowns...... I wanna earn crowns.....and I want to cast them at his feet.

Believing in Him as your Personal Saviour is just the beginning. Once you've had an encounter with Christ, your life will be changed forever. How could you not want to change your life......?

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