Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Today I was subjected to watch 'wiggles' (4 middle aged men dancing and singing with dinosaurs and dogs while saying Baanaanaa (aussie accent)) 4 times in a row. I couldn't help but think how lovely it would be to have some adult content in the movie...but no .....fruit salad is about as good as it gets.

Tonight we were supposed to go to the mall together as a family unit when my son decided it would be a great time to throw up. Gabe has an fascinatingly strong gag reflex. We decided to sit with the hubs as he finished his dinner before we left, and all it took was Gabe smelling the beef on a bun...and it was all over.
It all depends on what time of day it is, if he's just woken up, and whether his imagination is in full gear or not. Tonight he had just woken up and apparently his imagination was turned on...way on. To Gabriel, that beef on a bun could have been dirt and worms on a cow patty. Mmm...I just puked a little in my mouth.

So ..we decided the hubs would just go to his chiro appt. and then come home. I just wasn't too sure at that point whether Gabe was truly ill, or was just 'overcome' with overactive gagging. I now know it was surely the latter, as he is currently racing around the house with a fire truck, on his knees, shaking the windows as he passes. (Our friend Lotte from Holland used to call Gabe 'Thunder'.)

Gabriel just finished telling me that Ashlyn needs a cape on, to get her big hair and her beard cut. Ummm...have you seen Ashlyn...?? the girl has so little hair that bows and barrettes hardly have anything to cling to. (Refer to Dedication 101) I must give him some credit though...she got vaseline in her hair and what little she does have is standing straight up like a mohawk...she's just so feminine.

She's become a testy little thing these last few days...and provoking. Today I was folding laundry on the coffee table while the kids were watching the first installment of 'Wiggles' (it was a rainy day today so T.V and playdoh were our 2 main options) when Ashlyn decided to come and try out my mood. She stood at the side of the table and smiled at me....awww, sweetheart. Then with no warning it was game on. Towels flying, clothes falling, Ashlyn pouncing like a Puma (Gabe will willingly fill you in on how a Puma pounces and growls thanks to Diego)...anyway...there she was screaming wildly, and there I was almost doing a full body lay on the precious work I had just done. Nooooo, noooo!!! She relented....for a second. After I told her in a stern voice 'No more'. Again...the grin...somewhat satisfied, somewhat sly.

It turned into a little slap of the pile here ... and a little slap of the pile there. She would dart her hands over to a new pile and spank it...just to see my reaction. After a few of my down turned eyebrow looks...she finally gave up. Satisfied with her first attack of the day.

She was moving on to bigger and better things.....she decided to pull the hubs armpit hair to help herself stand up.

That's my girl.

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Mom of 4 Busy Kids said...

Fruit salad, yummy yummy...mashed banana mashed banana, cold spaghetti cold spaghetti, toot toot chugga chugga big red car...just wanted to get you singing...its bad when i know the words to the wiggles, but know none of the songs on the radio...time for some me time i think!!