Tuesday, October 17, 2006

OKAY then, let's discuss potty Training. Thus far it has been one of the most frustrating milestones my child has had to learn. He's learned to walk with having Ocular Motor Apraxia, He's very well spoken, he knows his ABC's and can almost count to 20. Buuuuutt, potty training is a whole 'nother ball game.

I used to think that if my child was able to ask for a diaper change then he should TOTALLY be toilet trained. I used to think that a child over the age of 2.5 - 3 that wasn't trained already, was a product of poor parenting. I used to think that this wouldn't be the most frustrating, most time-consuming, most gut-wrenching, gag flexing, bleach using, paper towel buying,....milestone my child would have to reach.

Riiiight. About that.

There have been 3 day stretches where he has gone to the potty and had no accidents...then we made a fatal error in putting a pull-up on him for our drive to Frankenmuth and in that short time, all our hard work came undone. Poo. literally.

Today he has been making progress again and I was beginning to think things were perhaps getting on track again....then I was on the phone a little too long and...Poo. literally.

2 steps forward, 1 step back right?


Mom of 4 Busy Kids said...

Argh...Not too worry. Try telling him that it is his choice whether he uses the potty or a pull up. Then MEAN IT...let him decide, don't make an issue out of it...if he has an accident clean him up without groaning or sighing or telling him to try to use the potty next time. Ignore it. If he uses the potty, throw a party!! This is a battle of the wills you WILL NOT WIN. Only Gabe can decide to use the potty, and if he doesnt want to , you can do nothing productive about it. I am not meddling, honest...this will help...HE WILL NOT GO TO COLLEGE IN DIAPERS, and if he does, GOOD, that'll mean NO GIRLFRIENDS...see, there is an upside to everything!!! Jen ps..it worked for brody, and vanessa...NICK not so much!!!

Leanne said...

Hey Jen...I totally hear you.

I've realized there is NO point in making him feel bad for accidents as they really are accidents. I can see that he struggles with potty training as Gabe is a perfectionist, he really likes to do, say, create things correctly on like the first try! He's gonna struggle with the timing, holding, standing on a stool, and all the rest that goes along with it....but as I write this I have to tell you he just ran up to me and said 'Mommy I have to go pee now' !!!! and went on the potty!! Woo Hoo Gabe! and yes we really do throw 'mini parites' when he does go...we get so retarded and excited, he just loves it! He gets to call daddy and yesterday he told Grandma and Grandpa and they made such a big deal...it was pretty cute :)
The only productive thing I've come across for Gabe is ...Bribery!!! lol..shrek candies work for this little boy, and we can certainly put up with a couple sugar highs for the sake of potty training!!

Things are on the up and up and Gabe gets so proud when he does do it...positive reinforcement is definetly part of the answer :)