Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Steve and Eden

This is my brother holding Eden. Can you say 'Heart....melting' ?

Monday, March 17, 2008

The Other Day.

I've been getting out more lately....a feat in and of itself. Not too long ago I took a breather from the kiddies and got to snap some photos of the stunning snow trees. Our laneway really lends itself to good shots.

On another note, yesterday was our Palm Sunday service at church. It was held at our bigger sister church and it was really nice to get together with another large group of people who all love the Lord. The worship time was great and so was the speaker. Dwight and I walked away from church feeling renewed and satisfied once again. I must say having 3 young kids can pose some challenges on Sunday mornings, but every time I feel like not going, because of being too tired, or not wanting to get everyone ready, I think about my children's spiritual well being and that's all it takes to get me out the door. My mom always made a point of getting us to church every Sunday and put us in Sunday school...I learned so much from those years, and I can't take that away from my kids. They came home yesterday telling us all about Jesus riding on a donkey on Palm Sunday, and lifting the palm branches in praise, shouting 'HOSANNA!!!' was music to my ears, nothing makes me happier than to hear my little ones speak about Jesus.

Monday, March 03, 2008


I know it's all about her lately .. .but I can't resist. I'm so in love. Again in this picture, she just had a bath and her hands were chilly, so I wrapped her up and only her little peepers were showing.

Here she is with Fat Cat, he decided she needed another bath, so after a good sniff, he went ahead and licked her...sometimes I think he thinks he's a she. (got that?? lol)