Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Dentist Day...

He did so well. I think it helped that we had prepared by watching 'Caillou Goes to the Dentist" (over and over I might add). He enjoyed the moving chair and the tickley cleaning brush...the best part was when the hygienist was spraying his mouth after the cleaning, and he was giggling. She asked what he was laughing at and Gabe replied 'you sprayed my uvula!'. (You may remember him learning that word from this previous post)
Both the dentist and hygienist looked at me and said 'Did he just say what we think he said?'
Yes indeedy folks.
My 3 year old says uvula.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Wedding Bells...

It was a beautiful day...for most.

I woke up the morning of the event feeling like things just weren't sitting right in my stomach. Within an hour things were no longer sitting, but rather climbing, and expelling.... I had the flu.

I wasn't able to attend the wedding, and had to rely on my loving mother to fill my role as 'flower girl and ring bearer guide'.

Once the reception time of the day rolled around I was able to get outside for a few pictures and sit at our table for the dinner (not participating...but still enjoying the view...Gravol works wonders).

Here are a few pics of Yvonne and Tim's special day on the farm.

The Tents.

The show stealers.

The beauties....(and Gabe)

Miss Muffett

The Wedding Party
The Happy Couple

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Dilly Dilemma...

The peaches turned out wonderfully.

I've discovered a favourite new sound. The pinging of lids being vacuum sealed, 'tis blissful. I also discovered that boiled peaches have a velvety soft feel once their peels have been plucked off...It was really a nice quiet time making these jars filled with peaches and love.

The pickles on the other hand...

Were much more arduous ...the garlic had to be peeled, the vinegar boiled, the dill chopped, and the jars stuffed in such a way that the most cucumbers could be fitted. I didn't have enough jars, so down I went into the bowels of 'The Basement' (this is an old house...with what seems like an even older basement..a wood room, a coal room, and a cistern ... I shudder at the thought of the creepy crawlies that have been breeding for generations in the rafters....ugg.) and I grabbed a few of The Hubs', Grandmothers jars.

I should've gone with my first instincts and p-shawed the idea once I saw them. Rubber gasket seals and all....but noooooo...I had to try to make it work.

So there I was with three over sized 'crown' canning jars that you would see on a variety store counter filled with dills, or pickled eggs, and I was trying to boil them without the water covering the lids. They were far too big for my canner, and the Bernardine lids didn't stay on quite right so I mickey-moused with them until I got them tight enough with the old screw rings.

Surprise, surprise, they didn't 'ping'...even with me watching them for hours and hoping with all my might. So now I have 3 large jars of pickles that will be on my bottom shelf...pickling themselves just in time for me to have to consume them all in one day for fear of spoiling.

If I come near reeking of garlic and dill and am green at the gills....you'll know my fridge jars were ready to go.

Pickles anyone??

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

barefoot and canning...

Wow. This blog looks foreign to even me.

I've been feeling the heat to jump back in...thanks for all the encouragment :)

Today I'm canning, so it won't be a long post...but mannn I can't wait to show y'all the pictures I've got stored in that camera of mine. Especially the pictures of my dear pickles and peaches. This is a first for me, and it certainly won't be a last. It's enjoyable...(that is without my darling children pulling at my jammie pants, whilst a vat of boiling water and vinegar bubbles at the stove top....thank you mama for sensing the need and 'just happening' to call at the perfect time this morning to pick them up :))

Timer is a' beeping, so I'll be back....with pics !!