Friday, October 26, 2007

Conservation Area Pics...

Cute pic huh? If it weren't for the huge contusion on my boys head, I might have ordered it to be developed (and check out the elfen child behind her brother...what a stinker) . We went to the Conservation Area the other day and it was truly one of the most beautiful days we've experienced, in these parts, all year. The Hubs and I sipped our coffees whilst the children played about in the endless piles of leaves, and investigated the nearby stream. It didn't take long before Gabe and his 'shuffle gait' found a huge tree root and took a fall, only to bonk his forehead upon the next tree root, a perfect 2 feet above the other. It put a damper on the walking portion of the excursion, which, you know, is most of the time at a conservation area. But daddy was a willing horse, and put Gabe on his shoulders.
Here I am trying to convince the unwilling hooligans to look into the lens...

And this one just kills me... It makes my heart a little dizzy. I can't handle that sly grin playing on her lips...she was about to laugh at how the leaves felt on her cheek while she was riding the Daddy horse. Those bright leaves just make those dark eyes pop out.....ahhh sweetheart. (Nevermind the chocolate donut on her chin :) )

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Thar' She Blows! well .. almost. 27 weeks along now, and feeling like I should be more like 37. The babe is kicking lots and everything seems to be healthy (haven't heard whether the placenta has moved yet).

I was talking on the phone and snapping the photo (you know, like any typical mom...multitasking) sorry you can't see my gorgeous face...I didn't do it on purpose...ahem.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Attic Reno Cont'd....

I purchased the bedding set for our new 'love nest' and I decided on browns and blues... the walls match the blue colour you can see in the duvet colour ( bottom of photo) and the polka dotted fabric you see is the curtain. We have walnut stained oak furniture and I think it'll look alright once it's all put together.
The carpet will be arriving on November 6th... and then I guess it's up to us when we'd like to move in! Whoop, whoop, I can't wait!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Mother Load.

Tee hee.

Please excuse the titter. I'm in one of those moods. Thus...I'm writing this post.

When I first became a farmers wife, I knew very little of the goings on of the agricultural sector. Very little. I think the Hubs may have been a little surprised that his new bride was so ....ahem.. daft in the world he knew so very much about.

It must have been hard for him to explain the details he took for granted, but, he did and with loads of patience and a very few eye rolls.

As we were married in October, (harvest time...I'm sure his family thought I was completely nuts requesting a gala during this, the busiest time of the year....) one of the first 'events' I was exposed to was the 'Emptying of the Burm'.

Let me learn all ye city folk.

The 'Emptying of the Burm' could also be called the 'Stinkiest Event of the Year' or 'The Draining and Spreading of the Manure Pit' or 'The Time in Which You'll Not be Able to Stand the Scent Emanating From Your New Husbands Clothing'.

It's sure something I look forward to. Let me tell you.

This year, I decided to share the special moment, with you, my people. I'm certain you'll find the fun in it all...(at least you didn't have to stand 10 feet down wind of the 'Burm' whilst the manure was being stirred up ... my nostril hairs are still burning.)

There are 3 different spreaders here on the farm. One is for the liquid or 'Slurry' as they call it. (Mmmm. Slurry. ..oh wait, I mean Slurpee.) The other two are for the ..ummm...more solid variety, you know, the intact manure. They are known to my 3 year old son as, The Flingers. 'Cause they ...well... fling.

Here is an action shot of the skid steer loading the spreader that has been backed down into the burm. The Hubs does the loading and his father or uncle typically drive the tractors.

If you maximize the shot, you might even see some corn kernels floating around in there. ...Sorry.

Ahh, there she is in all her loaded glory. It looks as though her cup runneth over....that'll be on my van tires as I bring the hubs his next coffee. Have I told you my van is white?'d never know it, it's always sporting a lovely shade of beige.

Here we go off to the open 'fifty' (the fifty acres down the road that needed some 'fertilizer')...

And here we are. You can understand my standing so far back...I was afraid of needing a toothpick to get the corn kernels out of my teeth, if I stood any closer.

Thank heavens my camera has zoom.

Now how's that for a screen saver. Almost pretty in a dirty sort of way, isn't it.

Possibly titled ... 'The Ballet of the Paddies' or 'Who Flung Dung?' perhaps even ' Manure Mania'.

Whichever, I hope you feel a sense of honour now that you've 'Emptied the Burm' with me. I know I feel a lot lighter having shared my ...(ahem).. 'load' with you.

Tee Hee.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Falling .... leaves and parts.

Fall has fallen here on the farm. We're blessed with a multitude of very tall, very old maple trees that provide incredible shade in the summer, and a beautiful back drop come fall. The kids have been enjoying running through the crunchy heaps and picking up all the colours. With every gust and breeze comes a shower of yellow, red and's absolutely my favourite time of year, and thus we'll be celebrating our anniversary next week. The weather now is like it was on our special day, sunny and cool, filled with colours and lady bugs.
The cooler weather has also helped with the pregnancy woes. In that last heat wave, my fingers were becoming sausages and my ankles could be likened to oranges. But that fluid retention has now passed (ahem...literally...)and I'm back to my old, perpetually swollen, self.
As the anniversary approaches, it brings a reminder of my younger days (albeit only 6 years ago...) These years with children can be likened to dog years....1 equal to seven years for every child....that would be putting me in the 21 year bracket. And, really, it would seem more plausible that the bodily changes that have occured in this body of mine, should have occured over a period of 21 years....rather than 6. It's a downright shame that things can go south (ahem ...again with the literal) so quickly.
I can only hold onto my last hopes that things can be reversed just as quickly..... until I've exhausted every last weight-loss, body tightening, part lifting, tooth whitening, head hair-beautifying, body hair removing, cellulite toning and skin conditioning product there is on the market.... I will hold out hopes.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

(whistle) Milking Time!!

It's time girls, Milking Time. C'mon l'il Doggies!!!

These old 'Country Roads' lead 'em home.....

Here they come... Clip Clop. They know the path well.

Sadie the farm dog know her place when the cows are coming. Behind the fence. She's even part cattle dog....still haven't figured her out.

There they go...tails a'swishing. Thems happy cows. (or the flies were biting..)

Oh. ummm. thanks girls. (They're a little camera shy...makes 'em nervous....a little irritable bowel when they see the lens.)

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

We're Having Twins!!!

Or perhaps I should clarify, seeing as I'm pregnant and all....Ahem...what I meant to say is, We Had Twins!! on the farm.

This is Bess and her new brood. Another soon-to-be-momma stepped in to help Bess get her little ones up and running, but they are both hers.

I gotta tell ya, it was a sight to behold...the birth of course, and the big fat pregnant woman sneaking under the electric fencing to get a few shots of the new family. There was grunting and groaning in both events.

She's happily resting in the pasture with her babes, and will until tomorrow, when they'll all be moved into the barn.

Hope you enjoy the was laborious (heh) just getting them.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Peek -a - boo.... I see you too little one.

Friday, October 05, 2007

We have so much to be thankful for, hope you enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Perhaps you'd like Fluffy stuffed while you peruse the shelves of cheddar and jalapeno havarti. Or maybe you're just looking for some authentic head cheese..whichever the case, be sure to stop by Mapletons Taxidermy and Cheese Store.
Oh and I almost forgot to mention the 'Hats for Hides Depot' ..... (I was going to get quippy about this one...but I just really don't get it. )
Lemme know what your best guess might be...

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The 2nd birthday of the 2nd Child....

A cake fit for any Dora fanatic

She just couldn't blow out those candles, ...big brother had to step in..
'Oh daddy, just give it here, I can do it...'

'And if I throttle her like this, will she stop crying?'

'My turn....lots please Aunt Paula...'

'No, no, Aunt Paula...squeeze it like this..'

'I said come here! I have a strawberry kiss for you...'

'Happy Birthday Sis'



That seems to be the theme in my brain since I became pregnant. Oh sure, there's that odd cricket chirping, and perhaps a breeze that blows from one ear to the other...but for the most's just quiet.

It's not that peaceful sort of quiet either. It's rather unsettling, a void of sorts. I can no longer put together many coherent sentences.

Thus ... the blog has suffered. I mean, how can you keep an written audience entertained ..without writing?

'Cause I mean really, those posts about re-calls and window boxes are so very stimulating...and I'm sure you're hanging onto your seats for more of that fluff,... but I'm aching for some real meaty subject matter.

It's hard to believe this is my 294th post. It's true. I was a writing machine for a while there, a daily blogger, and on a good day..sometimes 2.

But now. Alas. *sigh* I must regress to photo posts and things others are recalls. If perchance my brain decides to kick back into high gear, I'll be sure to let you know.