Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Official Results...

I am overwhelmed at the response to the 'Farm Trivia' game...... it was just insane to see all the comments come flying up....I thought I would have to begin comment control. Here I thought I would have to persuade many of you to leave your answers, but that wasn't the case at all, now was it? (Cough...mom...ahem....Jen)

So as promised I will now award the prizes that you all so eagerly sought after.

First Response - Christin - yahoo, you go Girl.
Most Correct - Momma - 2 correct, and most creative and funny answer
Slowest Response - Jen - it's okay you have 4 children, but at least your humour is still intact.
Made up Prize - Bianca - I couldn't leave you out buddy. ( I could have said booby prize but I'm the one who needs that)

And for the long awaited answers:

Picture A - An old tractor tire
Picture B - Moss on a tree trunk, y'all got that one.
Picture C - Holly Hock, leave it to the senior citizen/green thumb of the group to get that one!

Well it's been a dish my friends, some good ol' fashioned trivia. Ahhh gotta love it. Stay posted in the near future for yet another installment of 'Farm Trivia'....(say with loud, celebrity voice echo)

It has brought a smile to my otherwise mundane day. Other than the event my my darling Ashy - poo had planned(and yes this is why we call her that) She decided to poop in her crib this morning, but instead of pulling off her diaper like last time, she decided to dig through the sides of her diaper and create a masterpiece on herself as well as the crib. Here's how it went:

Mommy- laying in bed, blissfully unaware of the abhorrent game being played in the next room.

Ashlyn- hmmmmm.....what's this, oooooo, warm, soft AND squishy...perfect for my latest creation...

M- Ahhh, what a lovely dream, perhaps next time I'll have the pork rather than the poo....HUH? ...what IS that smell? dream or reality....?? sniff, sniff gag..oh no ......the fat cat must have pooped in my bed. oh please no. I bolt up and search the sheets... nope...nope..hmmm..nope. Well perhaps the hubs had gas and it's lingering.

A- la dee da. ho hum...giggle, giggle. on my nose, on my toes, where it goes nobody knows!!

M- awwww, listen to my little baby giggling in there, what a complete sweetheart, so precious, I'll sneak in there and snuggle her up!

A- Here bunny- your turn ...and lamby, don't miss all the fun...

M- opens door with loving smile on her face... 'dun dun dun!' .......speechless, mouth open aghast, quickly shuts and coughs

A- MMOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMYYYYY!!!!!!! yahoo, come to join me? (opens arms, stands up)

M - Finds voice.....'oooh sick'.

I then grabbed Ashy under her armpits and ran downstairs to put her in the tub. Gooood Morrrning. The best part was when Gabe finally woke up and walked to Ashlyn's room wanting to be the first to wake her, he opened the door and threw his 'baby' into her crib hoping to hit her to wake her up.....then I heard him through the monitor gagging and saying 'oooo, Ashy pooped in her crib'..poor guy, plan foiled.

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JEN said...

thats disgusting...darn garrett kids..they are so bad...they should try to be more like the rossers. now those are some good kids...LOL