Saturday, August 19, 2006


We went to Stratford yesterday (forgot the camera of course!!!), and we brought along some of our stale old wonder bread to feed the swans. The ducks there are starving for affection (or at least bread) and would come right up and take the bread from our hand! I was too scared to feed the swans that way, perhaps from watching too many 'America's Funniest Videos' where people always seem to get bitten in the crotch.
We then made our way up to the main st., and I mean up.....I didn't realize Stratford had so many hills. We had our 'Double bus' with us and my man got a good work-out! whew. I had this idea in my head that we'd be going to some shops after enjoying a nice lunch....well not so.
Ashlyn thought it would be fun to start up the old 'watch mommy pick up toys' game. So all the way up the 'mountain' she was wildly throwing her lamby and balls on the sidewalk just to get the pure enjoyment of feeling the bump when we would unknowingly run over poor lamby's head. And as you may well know.....balls roll. So there I was running up and down catching balls on the 'mountain'.
As we crested the mount, we realized we had made a major error in pushing the blasted 'double bus' anyway.....we were in Stratford people....have you seen the stores/restaraunts here?? Very charming, very LITTLE. So at that point the Tim Hortons was seemingly our only option....Until ....hooray ...a patio!
On the main street there is a pub called the 'Boar's Head' and lucky for us it had a large patio that was accomodating of our stroller. So we enjoyed some 'pubby style' food there and rested a bit from our up-hill adventure.
We decided not to venture into the shops as we would be virtually begging Ashlyn to break something if we did go in. (she has long arms you know....)So we meandered our way back to the ducks and watched a few more sea gulls get attacked (go ducks go!). With a lovely quiet drive home....ahhh, both babes in dreamland.

Lastnight I finally booked our 'mini-vacation' for next week, we 've decided to go to Frankenmuth for one night (Bavarian Inn Lodge - 5 pools, woo-hoo!) and hit Bronners (Christmas FAVOURITE!) as well as the shops. Then next day we'll head out to Chatham to Wheels Inn for another night. And we'll be home Wednesday night. Should be a fun-filled, happy time. (I can dream can't I??)

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