Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Over dressed...

Well the hubs decided to remain at the 'oh so entertaining' Holstein show tonight...and yes by that I mean cows. As mentioned on a previous post, He is a member of the 'Dairy Farmers of Ontario Association' as well as the 'Dairy Herd Improvement Association' and both of these "clubs" shall we say, involve Dwight spending time raising awareness on issues facing dairy farmers today by having meetings and as well by being community involved.
Tonight was a 'community involved' night and it meant us going to the Holstein show (even though we're a Jersey farm......yes I know..) and we were to hand out ice cream and chocolate milk.
How nice, I had thought to myself when he told me we'd be doing this. I could picture myself handing out the cold cups of ice cream and cartons of milk to the show attendees .... how nice it would be to see the smiles on their faces as we gave away the cool treats.
So I got dressed up quite nicely for the event, being that many people would be seeing me and I was thinking this would be similar to a parade....weaving through the crowds with treats in hand, smiling and waving to the crowds. (hmmm, in retrospect I think I may have run away with the idea, perhaps (okay fine)...definitely got carried away) I also had the kids looking squeaky clean and we hopped in the car.
Well, well, well.....either my hubs was mis-informed OR he was 'inflating' the event(wanting so desperately to have company), because once we were pulling up to the building I knew it wasn't what I was expecting.
It was in a barn, and everyone was in overalls or sweats, or shorts.....except Leanne. I was wearing my pretty new 'lacy-ish' tank top (no not revealing - just pretty, far too pretty for cows) my hair was nicely done and I had a exceptionally sparkling necklace and bracelet on.
We got out our big old double bus and loaded my clean and spiffy children in and went in the barn only to tromp over the dirt, poop, and cow hair (and I mean clumps of, they apparently do the 'primping' of the cows right there before they walk them in circles...for hours...)to try to find a seat to sit in the stands and watch those big black and whites walk in circles.....for hours. Wheeeeewy, good thing I dressed up.
Ashlyn of course decided it was time to practice her 'head-butting' skills and proceeded to bash the back of her head into my now, very uncomfortable sparkling necklace, over and over again. Why oh why did I dress up????
Ooooh wait ...the ice cream hadn't arrived yet and I would still be able to look pretty whilst I handed out cups of the cool treats. Right, that's why I did it. ahem.
The icecream eventually arrived and the hubs says ....' okay, so you stay here in the stands so I know where you and the kids are, and I'll be back as soon as I can...."
Soooooo... you're telling me I could have come to watch these cows go round and round in circles .... for hours, while wearing my oldest, most comfortable maternity clothes (yes I'm guilty of still wearing them) and I could have been the one smiling while stuffing myself with the cool icecream and chocolate milk??? or better yet I could have stayed home??? Grrrrrrrr.

And thus I sat watching cows go round and round while stuffing my face with icecream, guzzling chocolate milk and all the while my chest was being repeatedley pummelled by a small child's head.... but hey, at least I looked good.

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