Sunday, July 18, 2010

The bag lady..

I'd like to say she takes after her mother....but I REALLY shouldn't take the credit for this.

You see, my little strawberry head has a fetish for bags, purses, sacks, and pretty much anything that can hold stuff....loads and loads of stuff.

Recently as I was cleaning I found at least 10 bags full of junk...and by junk I mean toys, papers, writing untensils and so forth. She's got a problem my friends. It was time for an intervention. Upon the last cleaning of the playroom, I hid each and every purse I came across. I thought we were home free for a bit .....then she found an old clinique bag, and loaded it with every bit of makeup she had been given over her few years. (my cast-offs, my mothers cast-offs, and my mother in Laws cast-offs...she's got more makeup than the avon lady..)

I'm off to hide her school bag and lunch pail ... who knows what she could fit in those.

Monday, July 05, 2010

In all things (or temperatures) give thanks!

Feels good to post on this here blog....might have to try this a little more often :)

It's been 40 degrees with the humidity here and the AC upstairs quit working ... isn't that so typical. Sooo our house is muggy and sticky and we are ever so thankful for Grandmas pool next door! In all things give thanks.... so thank you Lord for the heat and humidity, (and the HUGE tomatoes I shall be harvesting due to this greenhouse like temperature!)

Saturday, July 03, 2010


Well I did this the wrong way and you'll see the latest photos first, so go to the other ones and see the progression!
The walls appear green but they actually a taupe or stony colour. Granite is still to come, as well as fixtures and some lighting.

We tried to save money and ordered our cabinets through an amish gentleman who has done a few kitchens, but hadn't tried glazing or painted finishes yet. Thought we'd take the risk, and we're over the moon with the results. The crown moulding isn't on yet, there are still other cabinets to be put up...but this gives you an idea of the finished look.... can't wait to post the done deal!

Before Cabinets..

Pictures of the house disorganized but beginning to take shape!


Just to give you and idea of what we lived through....ugg....
Wonder where I've been?? ...didn't think so :)

Thought I'd throw up some pictures (which make me want to throw up after all this...) of what we've been living and breathing these past couple months. It's been quite a journey but is now within reach. About 3 more weeks until completion. Whew!

Our 60 year old house has been needing some updates...and so the hubs and I began with a larger than life dream of putting on an addition for a new kitchen. The price tag on that dream was far beyond our means, so we beat our dreams into submission and came up with something far more reasonable and yet still dreamy enough.

What started as 3 small rooms (dining, kitchen and playroom) became one large open concept living space.

Here are some before photos....
Dining room (during reno)

Brick wall between Hallway and kitchen (during reno)

Playroom (I'd like to say during reno....but sadly it typically looked like this!!)

I'll post some during and after photos on another post... picasa is giving me trouble!