Saturday, July 03, 2010


Well I did this the wrong way and you'll see the latest photos first, so go to the other ones and see the progression!
The walls appear green but they actually a taupe or stony colour. Granite is still to come, as well as fixtures and some lighting.

We tried to save money and ordered our cabinets through an amish gentleman who has done a few kitchens, but hadn't tried glazing or painted finishes yet. Thought we'd take the risk, and we're over the moon with the results. The crown moulding isn't on yet, there are still other cabinets to be put up...but this gives you an idea of the finished look.... can't wait to post the done deal!


girlebert said...

Are you kidding me?? We SO need to become dairy farmers:) amazing results- we need to come for a visit- I need to see and touch it:)
Congrats babe- a job well done!

Kelly said...

WOO- HOO!! Looking good. I can't wait to come and see !! Lyla and I were looking at pictures of our visit just a couple of days ago and she said - 'go see them again?" so we are excited to see you guys soon!! Keep up the great redecorating - i am jealous!