Saturday, September 02, 2006

Mr. (and Miss) Dressup

Mom and I went for an 'outing' yesterday.
I remember the good ol' days when an 'outing' meant some time for Mom and I to enjoy a lunch together, perhaps visit the mall, and hit several different shops. Then we'd peruse the craft store, or go to the bakery for some treats.

Well, it's Dollarama all the way baby. That is, now that I have a baby, or two. Since we had the mini-tag-alongs with us, we decided it would be safer to go to a store that offers both toys and essentials (as well as food, crafts, dinnerware, linens, electronics, sports, and toiletries......all for a BUCK!)
I become a hoarding maniac in dollar stores. I get giddy. They have a way of making me think that 'I need something' and at the same time 'it's okay' because it's only a dollar. Dollars add up you know. Into twenties and fifties.

I must tell you...regardless how much I spent at Dollarama and Dollar Giant (yes...yes, we hit 2 dollar stores, laugh as you must.) I had SO much fun. I can tell you about how Mom and I tried on all the Halloween masks,

just to make my children laugh (or cry), or how we put feather boas on Ashy poo, or how we decided we must only talk in a 'Louisiana/red-neck/from the Bayou' accent. Oh my goodness, we almost peed ourselves. Literally. It was one of those moments where it was completely uncontrollable laughter, from the deepest regions of our gut. Guffaws. People were staring and we couldn't have cared less. It was priceless. Even my children were concerned...Gabe said " You sick Oma???". Even funnier.

After the Dollarama, we decided it was time for a high class dining experience. The McDonalds WITH the play land. Woooo weee, we were going all out today. The grande finale you ask?? to top off our memorable day we decided to go through the car wash, just to watch the expression on their little faces.

Ahhh the memories.

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