Friday, September 01, 2006

Gooood Morning Sunshine...arrrg.

Here I sit.
I. just. woke. up. My voice is gravelly and I couldn't figure out why I was still soooo (yawn) tired.

7:13 am
Miss Ashy poo is awake already and chirping in the next room, oh please don't let her be 'painting' again. Clock says 7:13...well guess it's that time. Hey...wait a sec...., the sun....where is the sun?

It's not supposed to rain today, and those would have to be some mighty black clouds to cover the 7:13 am sun, which is usually seeping through my blinds and curtains. (Sidenote - After having to keep a bright night light in our room when we had babies with the breastfeeding and diaper changing, you learn to appreciate the true blackness of the night. We try to help this, by having both blinds and curtains in our bedroom. There could be a spider dangling 2 inches from my mouth, and I would be blissfully unaware.)

Well Ashlyn says it's 7:13 it must be 7:13. As I wobbled down the stairs with a wet Ash in hand, I was beginning to think something was wrong with the sun.
Was it sick, Was it as tired as I? having to rise and fall for the routines of others? Maybe today was the day (as many as us have felt)it had had enough demands, complaints, and peer pressures (from the stars...the pressure could only come from the stars, they must be the only ones drinking up there...falling out of the sky like that)..? Well if that was the case and the Sun was finally taking a stand, then, Hooraayyy!! I'm with you all the way buddy!

I marched to that change table with a quickness to my step, ready to call the hubs, who, being in the barn, wouldn't know the sun had taken a stand today...and he must know of such a catastrophic event, I had to tell him.

I finished up with Ashlyn and jogged to the phone. As I was pressing the little buttons, I glanced at the stove............and read the green numbers. Whhhoooaaaa now. Excuse ME???? did I just read 5:17???? Rub eyes, and ....(sigh) yes. I read 5:17.

I knew then it was not the sun taking a stand. It was the hubs. HE was the one responsible for pressing the one and only button that could have caused my imagination to run away so wildly AND to get me up Sooo early. You see he is in charge of the 'clock radio'. His hands are not only large but clumsy...VERY clumsy at that time of the morning. So he pressed the little 'hour' button rather than the large 'off' button.

Well I was still listening to the phone ring in my hand, but the call had turned from exciting to angry.

Hubs - 'Heeellllloooo?'

Me - 'Hello...(matching his low voice, not by trying, but by the 'early risers growl')'

Hubs - 'Oh hi!...........Oh.hi.' 'I didn't mean to...'(laughs)

Me - 'that was a dirty trick...'

Hubs - ' Well at least I'm almost done, and it's only 6:00!'

Me - ' mmmm. great. bye.'

Turns out he tricked himSELF into getting up early. Well I had to laugh. ...At him.

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JEN said...

OK, I think I would harm Dave if he did that. Fortunatly my husband tries to find tricks to let himself sleep in rather then wake early. How ambitious you all are in the Garrett home.