Friday, August 25, 2006

Only on a farm...

Oh. my. goodness. What is going on in the neither regions of my intestinal tract. What in the world did I eat....(to be banished from entering my mouth ever again). Hopefully it's over.....pleeease let it be over....

Well, while I'm waiting for the next attack, I figure I may as well write about my interesting experience from earlier this evening. Only on a farm .....

Picture it....our home 5:45 pm....steaks on the bbq, potatoes boiling, baby crying, toddler needs to pee....
I have Gabe on the step, peeing in the potty and Ashlyn is trying to splash her hands in the toilet. (not successfully btw)
I hear the hubs open the door and he yells ' Leanne....can this little girl use the potty??" ...(hear little girl in background...)
thinking~WHHAAATT??? little girl?
Yell - "Just a minute..." Get Gabe dressed, throw mountainous laundry pile into back hall, and pick up Ashy
Yell - "Okay..."
Strange woman, smallish child appear in front hall and again ask if she can use the washroom...
"No problem! it 's right in there..." (I say,with a smile that would look slightly crazed to the trained eye)
Strange woman follows me into the kitchen and begins to unravel a story involving: relief milkers, Jersey farming, day tripping, ...then to ...armoir buying, decorating, children, ...then to...eczema, bathing, chicken pox (up the child's bum I might add) ...then to...cats, allergies, and non-allergenic detergents.... and finally to ....."May my child play in your toy room while I continue talking"... (to your husband, who's supper is ready and who has a meeting he needs to get to)??
"Oh for sure...go ahead" (smile becoming crazed to the un-trained eye)

REMINDER~ I have NO idea who these people are and am assuming Dwight knows them from farming relations ..somehow.

The girl child then proceeds to play with the toys whilst her mother returns to converse with the adults, outdoors. I guess I looked like the babysitter.

I have to admit, the girl child turned out to be kinda cute and once Gabe un-locked himself from the office they played quite nicely.
She proceeded to tell us that Gabe was older than her because she is 8 and he is 2. Uh-huh, like I said she was kinda cute. She also has a cat named fuzzy and fuzzy is black you-know, and she built fuzzy a house and fuzzy was her best friend and fuzzy this and fuzzy that. Kinda cute. She thought our fat cat was soooo funny she couldn't stop giggling (over the top cute, high pitched giggle) at his purring. Fat Cat just lapped it up. Cute. Gabriel also informed her that Caleb is a Puma and Puma's make noises like this.
My child turns into 'boy genius' when he is around other never ceases to amaze me.
When the girl child's mom finally had enough 'adult converation' she picked her up and said a short good-bye to the baby-sitter and Gabe was upset to see his new-found friend leave. Ahh, the simplicity of friendship in children.

You think this didn't happen ....well well, I thought you might say that and I took a picture to prove it.

Strange isn't it, I don't think I would leave my child in a strangers house to play with a strangers toys and children ...... Only on a farm I guess.

Good news....I think the worst is over, no further disturbances to report of...guess I'll hit the hay.

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