Wednesday, August 30, 2006

An Ode to Student Housing...

I thought it was over. Apparently not.

Student housing has been a rough couple of years that has made us work like dogs and left us with very little gratification. The phone calls....oh ..the phone calls. There were moments where I felt like walking into those houses, tearing a strip off every one of those tenants and just screaming 'GROW UP!!!!'. But alas I did not, rather, I sucked it up and put their cheques in the bank.

The hubs and I decided to sell Money pit (Salisbury) and Betty Hen (Sterling) because they seemed to have a hold on us that we couldn't shake. I found it hard when the hubs was going into 'the big city' nearly every night just to help them with light bulbs and beeping smoke detectors, and he was nearly in tears when we would get those blasted calls.

We desperately wanted our simple life back. No more phone calling, pot growing, fuse blowing, smoke detecting, tap dripping, toilet flowing, dryer breaking students. Gabe is an easier tenant than them. Even with the diaper changes.

So, there we were at a crossroads this past Spring, knowing we could fill them and sell them, sell them as-is, or do it all over again. And as we had just had 2 students skip out on us we decided to NEVER do it again. Enough with the headaches already.

We filled them and found the lucky buyers....Dwight's sister and our John Deere Salesman. So far Betty Hen is supposedly sold, gone, finito. Well ....almost. The closing date for that house was August 3rd (a lovely birthday present) but so far it hasn't felt like we've sold it at all. We're still getting phone calls because the students have our contact information from when we filled it, and somehow think we are the ones to bother...apparently they are unaware that we no longer OWN the house.

Money Pit closes on the 31st.......tomorrow in fact. Dwight also has to go there this morning and tonight to clean out the stuff that students decide they no longer want anymore. Gee thanks, we were looking forward to aquiring some stained couches, old dishes, street signs, and bottles, lots of bottles. Hello Amity.

I hope to tell you tomorrow that the houses are cleaned out, we're studentless, and our phones are quiet.

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