Monday, December 31, 2007

Holidays and homecomings...

Here we are already! Moving into the year 2008, I'm still trying to wrap my head around sorta just snuck up didn't it?

We've been keeping busy these past few weeks with many a celebration, feasts and welcomings. It's been a very fun filled time of year, that is now winding down.

I'm thankful for the blessings and the time spent with family, but I'm now gearing up for the month of our little one's due date!!! Whewy, I thought'd never come.

We have been blessed with another anticipated arrival in our that came a little earlier than her due brother and his wife (my best friend) had their baby girl, Ava Grace on December 27th. What a sweetheart!!

The happy family!

Ava and her Great Oma

The proud Grandparents!

Aliesha's mom and the new arrival!

We went to visit them today and I was instantly reminded of my own two hooligans when they were so tiny....I had forgotten how small they actually are when they first come out!!! It sort of jolted me into a reality that this is soon what I'll be bringing home :) It made me even more excited!
I'm sharing a photo of my torpedo like appearance ... it's sort of amazing that I'm actually able to walk upright. you'd think this belly would make me fall forward. I'm still not ruling out the possibility of twins...(but my doctor has..) People at church on Sunday were making shocked expressions and oogly eyes when they saw me walking about....saying, 'WHEN are you DUE??' It was just so .... ahem.... wonderful.

And of course I look like a dork, as the hubs was trying to make me laugh like a hyena. niiice.

Oh, and if you've ever wondered what cankles look's your chance...

You'll notice how the toes have a very typical appearance to them then suddenly...BLAMO, there's the cankle. I've now been made to wear my big ole' barn clogs... in a beautiful shade of baby blue, you can just imagine how that looks with my sassy black pregnancy dress pants. I've entered fashion critical, and it's a slippery slope to me soon appearing in a moo moo and flip flops.

Sheer elegance.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas to all, hope your days are filled with love, laughter and ... hugs !!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

munch, munch, ... Oh! Hello!

Well... Hello there, let me introduce myself. Farmers Wife, pleased to meet you.

If we've met before, you'll no longer recognize me. Or perhaps I should pluralize that to ...Me's. I have juuuust about doubled in size. Oh yes, that's legs and all. It's something to behold. 'Cept there ain't a soul that could be-hold me if need be. I'd crush 'em, with my mighty fine cankles (calf-ankles, they've melded into one and are no longer distinguishable as seperate body parts) and my h-arms (I just made that one up, clever huh? .. my wrists are no longer visible either.)

It's sad really. The puffing, water-retention, braxton hicks, pelvic pains, and tight shoes are beginning to wear on me. And let's not even get started on the waddling. Oh Gracious, this baby's head is so low, I feel as though I'm walking with a bowling ball between my thighs most of the time. It's very feminine to say the least.

I haven't much to say these days ... 'cause you know, hanging around in my recliner watching 'Oprah', hasn't led me to any real life sharing moments....except that I wished I lived in Macon yesterday....Dang she had some nice 'Favourite Things' huh?

Everyone here is doing well, we've survived several Christmas parties already, and have several left to go. I've yet to complete the nitty gritty of the shopping...I still need to get fillers for the stockings, and wrap all the glitzy gear ... but other than that, I'm ready. Which I guess isn't really ready at all huh? huh.

Hope (if you're still clicking on me) you're enjoying some serious Holiday fun, and that you're in a blogging blitz of happiness. I'm still reading you all, even if I don't comment (for fear that I may actually have to use my fingers to type, rather than feed my gaping mouth...)

PS- (I can't wait to show y'all a picture that is yet to be taken of a sweet little calf that was born not too long ago....shoot, he just makes my heart all dizzy....seriously resembles a teddy bear...and I'll walk through snow and ice just to get to that calf barn to take a picture)

Monday, December 10, 2007

Peace Prayer

Hello All,

Still alive. Still Pregnant. My due date cannot come soon enough.

I've some wonderful things to post about, just not right now .... Instead I thought I'd give you a little prayer that makes sense this time of year.

Here 'tis:

Prayer for Peace
by Joni Anderson

Peace begins with me.
I'll find the stillness within the quiet of my mind.
There You'll be waiting patiently,to help me on my way.
I'll be peaceful, and go out in the world, smiling from my soul.

I'll greet someone's eyes as we hug soul to soul.
This greeting will continue with everyone I meet.

Soul hugs from one to another, soon fill my street.
Then a multitude of hugs overflow my state.
So it is with countries, hugs from soul to soul—bring out the peace in everyone, and peace throughout the world.
Thank you God, for loving me, in the quiet of my mind, filling me with peace.

Remind me to live Your peace every moment of my day.