Monday, December 31, 2007

Holidays and homecomings...

Here we are already! Moving into the year 2008, I'm still trying to wrap my head around sorta just snuck up didn't it?

We've been keeping busy these past few weeks with many a celebration, feasts and welcomings. It's been a very fun filled time of year, that is now winding down.

I'm thankful for the blessings and the time spent with family, but I'm now gearing up for the month of our little one's due date!!! Whewy, I thought'd never come.

We have been blessed with another anticipated arrival in our that came a little earlier than her due brother and his wife (my best friend) had their baby girl, Ava Grace on December 27th. What a sweetheart!!

The happy family!

Ava and her Great Oma

The proud Grandparents!

Aliesha's mom and the new arrival!

We went to visit them today and I was instantly reminded of my own two hooligans when they were so tiny....I had forgotten how small they actually are when they first come out!!! It sort of jolted me into a reality that this is soon what I'll be bringing home :) It made me even more excited!
I'm sharing a photo of my torpedo like appearance ... it's sort of amazing that I'm actually able to walk upright. you'd think this belly would make me fall forward. I'm still not ruling out the possibility of twins...(but my doctor has..) People at church on Sunday were making shocked expressions and oogly eyes when they saw me walking about....saying, 'WHEN are you DUE??' It was just so .... ahem.... wonderful.

And of course I look like a dork, as the hubs was trying to make me laugh like a hyena. niiice.

Oh, and if you've ever wondered what cankles look's your chance...

You'll notice how the toes have a very typical appearance to them then suddenly...BLAMO, there's the cankle. I've now been made to wear my big ole' barn clogs... in a beautiful shade of baby blue, you can just imagine how that looks with my sassy black pregnancy dress pants. I've entered fashion critical, and it's a slippery slope to me soon appearing in a moo moo and flip flops.

Sheer elegance.


MedStudentWife said...

2008 is going to be good:D All the best to you and your growing family.

I can't wait to see the pictures of your newist.

Health and happiness to you all !!!

Our 4 Munchkins...6 pigtales & a buzzcut! said...

You look great Leanne..cankles and all. I wish you all the best and congrats on your brothers new baby thats great news too!

Coach J said...

What a great surprise!! :)
I had cankles, too, with my youngest. Good thing is, they immediately go away after delivery! You look beautiful--all baby.
Happy New Year!

Elizabeth said...

My first comment disappeared into blogland, so I'm going to try this again!

First of all, you never cease to crack me up!! You have the sense of humor I always wanted, and you are a blessing, just so ya know :)

Secondly, I loved the picture of you- you are Beautiful!, you are all baby is all...Your baby is lovin' it in there and it shows :)

Happy New Year, and Many Blessings, especially this month :)

Anonymous said...

I kept looking at your side view pic thinking man, she didn't look that big at Steve's and then I looked real close (there's a shadow in the back ground) HaHaHa! You look great and I can't wait to see how beautiful this new baby is going to be! Love ya - Bianca

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I think you look great!

Dana said...

You look absolutely adorable! I think you're just all baby like many others have already said. And the cankles are a small, and temporary price to pay for such a wonderful gift. I can hardly wait to see the new arrival!

Jessica said...

YOU look fantastic. You look just how you're supposed to look while housing a small person!

And the new baby is cute too.