Sunday, January 06, 2008

The seasons of a swing set..

It first arrived in summer, making fast friends with our 2 toddlers. Big momma sat her pregnant fanny in those chairs, whiling away the hours as the chillun ran up and down the ladder, sparking each other with the electricity from the plastic bump slide. (Oh, to sit in those chairs again, with a babe on my lap and corn husking to be done....)
My son learned to climb a ladder this past summer, my daughter learned to spin in a swing. Both very momentous childhood moments.

Here it sits in Autumn. Surrounded by a crunchy blanket of fallen maple leaves. Rubber boots plowed their way to the play set, running back and forth from the silo to the slide, using the ladder as 'home free'. Another childhood game learned by it's side...
Sadie the dog now knew this was a place to find her little friends, and would come running at the sound of laughter...

Alone, but for the snow perched upon it's rooftop, the playset seldom feels the warm bottoms of my children or the grasp of their tiny hands. The chairs now sit frozen and empty, waiting for my girth to reside in them again.
I see you lonely out there dear swing set... We're in here, waiting...waiting for that first thaw, those crocus and daffodils, and the muck that shall adorn your lovely green slide... And our first spring together shall bring a new face and new tiny hands to grasp your ropes.
Till then....we'll while away the hours inside..

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Elizabeth said...

ach, no fair... what a tease you are :) I love those days as well, but when you live in NY winters sure do run on and on! That is okay though, we are supposed to be having unseasonably warm days the next day or two, Wednesday being almost 60 which is really CRAZY for here. Believe you me, we will be enjoying it, and hopefully it won't rain so I can actually take my chilluns on a walk :)