Sunday, January 06, 2008

Already... the desire for sun...

Stunning sunset at the cottage beach

I've been shuffling through some pictures today and there are certain ones that are making my retinas burn with envy......envy of the warmer months gone by. Already I'm hit with the blatant desire for those moments to come again, I didn't' think the craving would hit me so early this year, what with a momentous occasion soon to arrive, but still I see these photos and Gaaaa.... I'm wishing away the snowing and blowing far far away.

My kids have already built the snowmen, slid the sleds, tasted the snow and drank gallons of hot cocoa, .. so perhaps we could be granted an early spring?? Like maybe next week?

Anyway, here are some of those impossibly delicious photos of warmer days gone by....hope they liven that little spark of desire in your stomach too.

Ashlyn dipping her toesies in the cool cottage lake water

Spring Celebrations ~ Victoria Day Weekend, on the farm

The Garden of 2007 in its beginnings...oh the possibilities..

My nephew Owen and his papa, meandering their way to the vineyard

Gabriel popping a red nugget of squishy, tomatoey goodness in his mouth, straight from the garden.

Big, leafy hostas....freshly chipped.

The girls, on pasture. A beautiful time of year.

The lake at Pinehurst....what glorious summer days those were, spent with the kids and the ladies ... picnic tables, egg salad sandwiches, and sun tan lotion.... bliss.

The wedding of 2007, my little man in tails with his princess, cousin Jada.


Frazzled Farm Wife said... you got me in the mood for spring and we have several more months of winter left...and the worst months of winter too!

Jessica said...

What an amazing sparkler picture! Well, they're all good, but I especially like that one.

MedStudentWife said...

All beautiful pictures - so full of life and happiness.

Man - those cows look pretty happy as well :)

Seane-Anna said...