Sunday, September 24, 2006


Here's Ashlyn and her Great Oma.
Ashlyn will be celebrating her first birthday next weekend, we'll be having the family over, and in staying with the budget, I'll be making her cake. Should be interesting, last time I decorated a cake, it looked like Gabe had done it.

I really can't believe she's one. Perhaps it's because her birth is still so shockingly vivid in my mind (it was intense) or perhaps because I just feel like she shouldn't be this old yet. This year has disappeared and I can't tell you where it's gone. I have photos and videos to prove it's passed, but it's as though it's been a moment, and has been whispered away.
My Dolly is one. 1. A year old.

There is something lost .... the baby is disappearing and a little girl is emerging. She is slowly discovering her individuality and is testing her independence. She is realizing I am not a part of her....but that I am here for her. Hard to believe we were once one. For 9 whole months, this precious little babe was physically right beside my heart, and now she'll be a part of my heart forevermore, she's found the spot reserved for Ashlyn.

There will be others...(Lord willing) and their little souls are waiting for me...waiting for me to be ready to have another tiny baby beside my heart. But for now, I am still holding my baby.....

Jesus makes his face to shine upon you, baby girl.


girlebert said...

What a BEAUTIFUL entry Leanne. I am ALMOST in tears reading it. THe pic of Ashlyn in the greenery is just darling and the comment underneath it, is just breathtaking!!!
Keep it up girl!

Lotte said...


While I was at your place, you and Dwight already showed me what it is to be a parent, in good and in less fun, times. It made me realise what my parents did for me. Thanks for that. And now again; this post, it's beautiful!
Good luck with the cake ;)


Anonymous said...

we need to get our babies we can take a pic of them at one year..then we can post a before and after pic...newborn to not so newborn jen