Monday, August 27, 2007

The Man.

The boats the Man saved.

The shoes the Man wore.

The keys the Man tapped.

My sweet peas.

Giants and Pixies...

It's not usual that my brother ,the Giant, can be fooled. Rare in fact....but we had him going...he may well deny it, but we'll always have the photos.

It was a beautiful night, mid-week through our cottage stay... Brother giant was building a roaring fire, Oma was making hot chocolate, and Aliesha (Giant's wife) and I were discussing was the norm for us during our stay, as we're both expecting in January.

Just as we got settled in our chairs for our lakeside fire, Oma decided to play a little trick on the Giant. She placed 2 fire colour packets into the flames while he wasn't looking. We were all aware of what had happened..and waited for the beautiful coloured flames to appear.

First he thought it was the pressure treated wood .... it must be that....the chemicals are burning and making the beautiful display. So...he threw in another piece....

The colours stayed but didn't get any he began speculating that perhaps the sand was providing some kind of reaction as it hit the flames.... like ...ahem...pixie dust.

And here it is folks...the 'pixie dust' being ever so gently flung on the flames by the giant. (there ain't no denying it now...)

It's okay Giant. We knew you didn't actually buy into the whole pixie dust theory.......
pixies aren't real.

....It was those fairies.....

The best way to travel

How the 'Hick Family' loads up for a trip to the ice cream shop while cottaging.

Friday, August 24, 2007

The Ostrich.

Here is my profile. My name is Osama The Ostrich. I weigh in at approximately 120 pounds, have a long neck and can run at top speeds. My favourite past time is scaring little children at the African Lion Safari, as I really have nothing better to do. My favourite snacks include cheesies and stale bread.

Ahhh, Here we are unsuspecting group of four, 2 children, a driver and a lady with a camera. Perrrfect...lemme get a good look without them suspecting me. If I just raise my chin a little and just get a little closer here....

Hee's perfect ... already they're hooked, look at them stopped with their noses pushed against the windows trying to get as close as possible, before I peck those little eyes out!

AAAACCCKKK!!! peck, peck, snap, snap....come a little closer my pretty!!

And for the final phase of my plan, the STARE DOWN. Keep looking little one, keep looking. I will win, I tell you....

Ha-ha! Success....let the tears flow...they are but medals 'round my long neck, my pretty.

Off to find my next victim....sweet dreams ... I expect to see you again around midnight as I awake you in a cold sweat!! peck...peck...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The passing...

We're back..and some of you didn't even know we were gone...except, perhaps for the lack of posting on the blawg. We went a'cottaging last week, sort of a last hoorah for summer, as now that we've returned, the weather is mighty fall-like and I am loving it.

I sit here sipping an ice cold glass of grape juice, pondering whether I should begin downloading the photos of the cottage, OR ...share with you a mighty fine story that unfurled in true Garrett fashion. I believe the latter will win ..for today.

It was in the evening hours, the dusk was giving way to the darkness, and I sat alone in our white mini van. I had come prepared to this parking lot, awaiting the return of the Hubs, my book in hand. As I sat totally engrossed in my new read, the tears began to flow, it was 'Chicken Soup for the New Mom's Soul'.... and dang, it had me all up in my emotions..lucky for me there was a full box of kleenex still in the van from our trip.

I began telling myself to calm down, I slammed the book shut, upset that it had gotten me in this state with it's,

'...And the mother knew from this moment on, her life was changed, she would give her all and everything and devote her life to this new child..she could feel her heart growing, and saving her child's life was now her main priority as he fought for every breath...'.

My main priority at that given moment was to wipe every tear from my weeping eyes and plaster a good clown sized grin on my face to try to chase away the impending hiccups that come from a good cry. I was worried that as the Hubs was in the chiropractors office, he would unwittingly invite the chiropractors wife to come out to the van as I would surely love to see her. Surely.

I turned the key on the van to get the air moving, and pushed the grill on the blowing vent to point directly at my face...I blasted it onto cold and let the unrelenting tears dry up. Just as I was faced the other way peering at the neighbouring houses' garden..(telling myself I was as HAPPY! as the BIG! PINK! FLOWERS!...The Hubs made his entrance.

He plunked down on his seat with a bright red face and a sheepish look saying 'Well....THAT was embarrassing.' I couldn't wait to hear what could possibly embarrass the man that could find humour in just about anything.

He went on to tell the story.

He was talking to the Chiropractor (Dr. S) and as they were going over pleasantries and discussing the weather, The Hubs mentioned how he's been wanting to drop a few pounds and he has been struggling to do so. The Dr. had a simple less.
As they further discussed weight loss and the sluggish effects of extra weight, Dr. S had the Hubs lay down and began his magic. He was pushing and cracking, heaving and ho-ing..then he asked Dwight to sit up.

This is when the Hubs magic began.

As he strained to sit up happened....he had no control. He passed gas in such a way that it (and I quote) "fired out of me".

At this point my tears had changed from sadness to disbelief, I couldn't believe what he was telling me and I made him tell me again and again in more detail. I made him mimic the noise and the Dr's face. The exact sound was crucial to the story...I needed to hear the fleck, the intonnation, the cadence and the rhythm of the toot...Was it explosive? Was it undeniably a ripper? Was it unquestionably a stinker? .... Fortunatley for me, it was all of these and more. The tears flowed, my ribs hurt, and there certainly were deposits of saliva on the interior of the front windshield as he replayed the sound over and over with his mouth.

He said "it was awkward." "I said 'OOPS!' after it let loose, and the Dr. being the ever professional dismissed it and continued talking...." (I'm sure they were no longer discussing 'pleasantries')

I asked why he didn't just hold it in and he replied ' I just couldn't, I didn't even know it was there, then whoops....Boom!... it was so loud it nearly fired through the wall behind me. Oh hun, I need to lose weight, that's just awful....I couldn't even feel it coming....'

I couldn't stop laughing. It was truly just desserts for the man that typically takes pride in his gas and it's passing.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

My heart in black and white.


Old Friends...

The moment I stepped out of my door onto the stoop, I dropped all my motherly ways behind me. Last night was a Girls Night.

Veggie tray in hand I made my way to the party and enjoyed every last minute of womanly ways. We ate, we hugged, we laughed and we ate some more. It was true bliss for a girl that had only been out once since the conception of the latest bun in the oven.

It's been 9 years since we used to see each other daily, walking the halls of high school. Last night sitting in the living room, I had a moment ....

It was impossible to me that sitting there together, we were discussing labour stories and husbands, careers and life changes.

We somehow grew up.

Things have changed, some have moved far, far away, and others are right around the corner...but it never fails that when we meet up on these special feels as though time has paused and allowed us the favour of our youth.

As friends get older and life gets more real, I more and more appreciate the girls that knew my carefree days, those days of finding ourselves and finding each other....and darn, I'm so glad we did.

Thanks for the giggles girls, let's do it again real soon.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Crocs aren't cutting it...

After a recent family visit to the foot doctor, we found out that the little man has been blessed with two flat feet.... Yippee. His Pa (The Hubs) has one very flat, very pain-filled foot that has a slightly rolled ankle. He's usually limping come evening, if he's had a long day on the farm. Thus he has orthotics...very pricey orthotics. He also has exceptionally large feet...size 12 or size 13 depending on the shoe.
I feel for him, I really do. The thing is .... I have a bit of a foot repulsion. Not with my feet, or the kids feet.....or come to think of it.. anyone else's feet...ahem.
Just his. He has a longer second toe. It's as long as my pinky finger. It kinda reminds me of a tiny alien. But I love him to death, and I'd do whatever it takes...I think. (picturing rubbing said long toe, and gagging softly under breath)
Anywho, I now know we're in for a life long battle with flat feet (darn those genetics)...and when the Dr. saw Ashlyn's feet, he thought there may be a hint of flatness there as well. So, we're off to find some 'good' shoes (ie- shoes that cost an astronomical amount for such a tiny bit of leather, that'll be too small in months...ya know...'good' shoes.)
He's also diagnosed Gabe with a 'shuffle gait'...which essentially means 'he shuffles'. It's partly due to the flat feet, and partly due to his Ocular Motor Apraxia. (for those who don't know, as I don't think I've posted much on it before, OMA is an eye condition that prevents Gabe from moving his eyes in a smooth manner from left to right or right to left. He occasionally jerks his head to re-adjust his vision, and we think there may be difficulties in the future with reading...but are so very happy with his progress thus far. There are many kids that are so much worse off with this disorder, and Gabe just seems to have adapted very well.)
So on his next birthday, not only will he be getting some toys and clothes, he'll also be fitted for some orthotics and a pair of 'good' shoes....lucky kid.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Cow hide...

And on top of all the baby drama, we've been re-decorating. ..Something I wouldn't attempt again during the first trimester of a pregnancy while enduring vicious morning sickness.
We re-painted the living room (fireplace and all) and went from blazing red to a soft calm neutral, in the beige family.
We also purchased some new furniture... we really thought this one over as it was a bit of an expense. Our older furniture was lovingly handed down to us from my Aunt and Uncle and it was still in great shape, but the wear and tear was beginning to show. I know we shouldn't care what others think ... but there were comments on the state of our couches and we knew it was about time to think about a new set.
So in true 'Garrett' fashion, we set out for all or nothing and decided to purchase this set hopes that it will last through our children and their teenage years.
Here's the thing about leather.
It stinks.
When we first brought it home I thought oh, the smell will dissipate in a few days and my stomach will stop churning from the very scent of them, verrry soon.
Wellll, not so. It took months, and even now I can still smell them...that cow hide has a way of seeping into my nostrils as I sit and watch TV or read.
There's nothing like sitting in your own living room wanting to vomit from the smell of the very couch your sitting on. It's quite lovely.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

The moment....

I've been waiting to spill it.

I've been wanting to spill it.

And here's the moment.... I'm going to spill it.

The bean that is :)

'The Bean' and I are now in our 15th week together. We surpassed the first trimester ...barely...we've squeaked by with the use of a medication called Diclectin, and for those of you that have used this pill, you'll know of it's wondrous qualities.

The morning sickness (misnomer - should be 'All-day' sickness) has been overwhelming. The worst of my three pregnancies...

I'm just starting to show now, and we've just told all of the family...we played a little game to see how long we could keep 'the bean' a secret, and well....the secret began to take on a life of it's own. (more details on that to follow...)

For now I'm relishing in my moment, ...(and trying to keep lunch down while fixing dinner..ahem.)

'Praise God from whom all Blessings flow...'