Thursday, August 09, 2007

Crocs aren't cutting it...

After a recent family visit to the foot doctor, we found out that the little man has been blessed with two flat feet.... Yippee. His Pa (The Hubs) has one very flat, very pain-filled foot that has a slightly rolled ankle. He's usually limping come evening, if he's had a long day on the farm. Thus he has orthotics...very pricey orthotics. He also has exceptionally large feet...size 12 or size 13 depending on the shoe.
I feel for him, I really do. The thing is .... I have a bit of a foot repulsion. Not with my feet, or the kids feet.....or come to think of it.. anyone else's feet...ahem.
Just his. He has a longer second toe. It's as long as my pinky finger. It kinda reminds me of a tiny alien. But I love him to death, and I'd do whatever it takes...I think. (picturing rubbing said long toe, and gagging softly under breath)
Anywho, I now know we're in for a life long battle with flat feet (darn those genetics)...and when the Dr. saw Ashlyn's feet, he thought there may be a hint of flatness there as well. So, we're off to find some 'good' shoes (ie- shoes that cost an astronomical amount for such a tiny bit of leather, that'll be too small in months...ya know...'good' shoes.)
He's also diagnosed Gabe with a 'shuffle gait'...which essentially means 'he shuffles'. It's partly due to the flat feet, and partly due to his Ocular Motor Apraxia. (for those who don't know, as I don't think I've posted much on it before, OMA is an eye condition that prevents Gabe from moving his eyes in a smooth manner from left to right or right to left. He occasionally jerks his head to re-adjust his vision, and we think there may be difficulties in the future with reading...but are so very happy with his progress thus far. There are many kids that are so much worse off with this disorder, and Gabe just seems to have adapted very well.)
So on his next birthday, not only will he be getting some toys and clothes, he'll also be fitted for some orthotics and a pair of 'good' shoes....lucky kid.


Coach J said...

Oohh, the things we do for those we love while we're gagging! ;)
Hope you find some "good" shoes on the clearance rack! Yes, praying helps :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you :)

The Rocking Pony said...

Ouch. His probably unappreciated shoes will mean the mama can't have new shoes. Oh, the sacrifices we make for them! Out of love, of course. :)