Thursday, December 13, 2007

munch, munch, ... Oh! Hello!

Well... Hello there, let me introduce myself. Farmers Wife, pleased to meet you.

If we've met before, you'll no longer recognize me. Or perhaps I should pluralize that to ...Me's. I have juuuust about doubled in size. Oh yes, that's legs and all. It's something to behold. 'Cept there ain't a soul that could be-hold me if need be. I'd crush 'em, with my mighty fine cankles (calf-ankles, they've melded into one and are no longer distinguishable as seperate body parts) and my h-arms (I just made that one up, clever huh? .. my wrists are no longer visible either.)

It's sad really. The puffing, water-retention, braxton hicks, pelvic pains, and tight shoes are beginning to wear on me. And let's not even get started on the waddling. Oh Gracious, this baby's head is so low, I feel as though I'm walking with a bowling ball between my thighs most of the time. It's very feminine to say the least.

I haven't much to say these days ... 'cause you know, hanging around in my recliner watching 'Oprah', hasn't led me to any real life sharing moments....except that I wished I lived in Macon yesterday....Dang she had some nice 'Favourite Things' huh?

Everyone here is doing well, we've survived several Christmas parties already, and have several left to go. I've yet to complete the nitty gritty of the shopping...I still need to get fillers for the stockings, and wrap all the glitzy gear ... but other than that, I'm ready. Which I guess isn't really ready at all huh? huh.

Hope (if you're still clicking on me) you're enjoying some serious Holiday fun, and that you're in a blogging blitz of happiness. I'm still reading you all, even if I don't comment (for fear that I may actually have to use my fingers to type, rather than feed my gaping mouth...)

PS- (I can't wait to show y'all a picture that is yet to be taken of a sweet little calf that was born not too long ago....shoot, he just makes my heart all dizzy....seriously resembles a teddy bear...and I'll walk through snow and ice just to get to that calf barn to take a picture)


Elizabeth said...

Glad you are still surviving! I cannot remember when you are due, but I know it's coming up fairly soon. I hope you have a wonderful Holiday even though you are not so comfy right now. I remember with Samuel, sometimes I'd be afraid to go to the bathroom for fear he would slide out because he too weighed down on me like there was no tomorrow!!!

Coach J said...

It's so good to hear from you!! You'd better be careful out walking on the ice! Don't make me come up there ;)

MedStudentWife said...

Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family !

(Im still reading :D)