Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Party people in the house...

Here are some pics from the lovely Birthday party. It turned out to be an overcast day with blazing hot sunny periods that made everyone break out in a sweat, but cool and breezy for the most part.

The food was delicious (at least I talked about the weather first this time!) and everyone couldn't say enough about the beef....good ol' Jersey beef.

{Sidenote- I never thought I would talk about cows like that....Mmmm tasty.....but it's actually true...beef is good, and Jersey beef just so happens to taste the best, sorry to my girls in the barn, but dang...you look good on the bbq)

Anyway back to the partaay, we were entertained by the 3 little ones (Gabriel, Ashlyn and Owen)and Ashy and Owen were able to share toys and play a bit, unlike the last time they were together and Owen couldn't stand the sight of Ashlyn without crying. Isn't he such a beautiful boy?

Gabe just sort of ran around doing his own thing and his favourite part of the night was when Oma asked him to sit on her knee while everyone sang 'happy birthday' to her. He loved it!!! Kept singing Happy Birthday over and over and blew out Oma's candles (they smoked and sizzled from his saliva I'm sure ...but don't tell the guests that's why Oma's chocolate cake is sooo moist!)

Great Oma and Ashlyn played a good game of something like 'If you're happy and you know it ' (in dutch...I can't spell the real name), and Ashlyn enjoyed it so much!

All in all it was a wonderful time had by all, I have many more pics including the family one, but seem to be having some troubles loading them, perhaps they'll work on the next post.

Today is a special day. Happy BirthdayMomma. I love you.

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JEN said...

I have to agree with you, Owen has the most adorable baby hair I have ever seen..he really is a cutie!!