Sunday, July 18, 2010

The bag lady..

I'd like to say she takes after her mother....but I REALLY shouldn't take the credit for this.

You see, my little strawberry head has a fetish for bags, purses, sacks, and pretty much anything that can hold stuff....loads and loads of stuff.

Recently as I was cleaning I found at least 10 bags full of junk...and by junk I mean toys, papers, writing untensils and so forth. She's got a problem my friends. It was time for an intervention. Upon the last cleaning of the playroom, I hid each and every purse I came across. I thought we were home free for a bit .....then she found an old clinique bag, and loaded it with every bit of makeup she had been given over her few years. (my cast-offs, my mothers cast-offs, and my mother in Laws cast-offs...she's got more makeup than the avon lady..)

I'm off to hide her school bag and lunch pail ... who knows what she could fit in those.


Avon Lady said...

Was that 'Avon lady' comment a shot at me? :)
Good to see you're keeping up with the blog now that I'm on to it!! :)

Full of Grace said...

So Funny! :)