Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Mother Load.

Tee hee.

Please excuse the titter. I'm in one of those moods. Thus...I'm writing this post.

When I first became a farmers wife, I knew very little of the goings on of the agricultural sector. Very little. I think the Hubs may have been a little surprised that his new bride was so ....ahem.. daft in the world he knew so very much about.

It must have been hard for him to explain the details he took for granted, but, he did and with loads of patience and a very few eye rolls.

As we were married in October, (harvest time...I'm sure his family thought I was completely nuts requesting a gala during this, the busiest time of the year....) one of the first 'events' I was exposed to was the 'Emptying of the Burm'.

Let me learn all ye city folk.

The 'Emptying of the Burm' could also be called the 'Stinkiest Event of the Year' or 'The Draining and Spreading of the Manure Pit' or 'The Time in Which You'll Not be Able to Stand the Scent Emanating From Your New Husbands Clothing'.

It's sure something I look forward to. Let me tell you.

This year, I decided to share the special moment, with you, my people. I'm certain you'll find the fun in it all...(at least you didn't have to stand 10 feet down wind of the 'Burm' whilst the manure was being stirred up ... my nostril hairs are still burning.)

There are 3 different spreaders here on the farm. One is for the liquid or 'Slurry' as they call it. (Mmmm. Slurry. ..oh wait, I mean Slurpee.) The other two are for the ..ummm...more solid variety, you know, the intact manure. They are known to my 3 year old son as, The Flingers. 'Cause they ...well... fling.

Here is an action shot of the skid steer loading the spreader that has been backed down into the burm. The Hubs does the loading and his father or uncle typically drive the tractors.

If you maximize the shot, you might even see some corn kernels floating around in there. ...Sorry.

Ahh, there she is in all her loaded glory. It looks as though her cup runneth over....that'll be on my van tires as I bring the hubs his next coffee. Have I told you my van is white?'d never know it, it's always sporting a lovely shade of beige.

Here we go off to the open 'fifty' (the fifty acres down the road that needed some 'fertilizer')...

And here we are. You can understand my standing so far back...I was afraid of needing a toothpick to get the corn kernels out of my teeth, if I stood any closer.

Thank heavens my camera has zoom.

Now how's that for a screen saver. Almost pretty in a dirty sort of way, isn't it.

Possibly titled ... 'The Ballet of the Paddies' or 'Who Flung Dung?' perhaps even ' Manure Mania'.

Whichever, I hope you feel a sense of honour now that you've 'Emptied the Burm' with me. I know I feel a lot lighter having shared my ...(ahem).. 'load' with you.

Tee Hee.


Anonymous said...

I swear if you made reference to corn one more time I was gonna lose my lunch. Thanks for sharing your 'crappy' day.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

OMG...that is so great! We are going to be emptying our slurrystore full of hog manure pretty soon too! It does stink but nothings beats natural fertilizer.

Don't ya just love our farm lives??!! I wouldn't trade it for anything....manure and all!

Fiddledeedee (It Coulda' Been Worse) said...


Pam said...

That post stunk.


tim relf said...

Gets in yuor clothes, that smell, doesn't it...

Joyce said...

I liked the way you described one of my most disliked farm activity. An older lady in our comunity said to her city relatives. Take a good smell. That means money in our household.

Karen said...

Who Flung Dung! hahaha

I grew up on a farm and all this is common place to me. I just never get the outsider' point of view. Hysterical!

Jessica said...

Sick Sick Sick. You have a sick sense of humor. :-)

I knew I was really a true farmer's wife when I got a note with both the words "manure" and "love" in it.