Monday, October 16, 2006

Adios, Line of credit!!

Whew...we did it again. The monthly shop that went super fabulously..and my fridge and pantry are chalk full!!! what a great feeling!

My meal plan is made and posted on the fridge, and I'm currently trying to use up some old freezer items and some beef to see how long I can stretch my week before I have to start in on the new ingredients :)

We PAID OFF our line of Credit today!!!!!!!!!!! What an accomplishment...we walked out of the bank with the biggest smiles on our faces! then treated ourselves to a $6.00 pizza from little ceasers to celebrate..Mmm mmm.

We now only have a student loan from Dwight that is the only thing keeping us from absolute debt freedom. Last month we were able to pay off our car and hopefully by april the Student loan will be gone as well. This tight budgeting has really saved us from going over the edge. I couldn't stand to think of taking accounting in highschool and I despised math, but when it comes down to the decimal point on my monthly spending, I am so accurate!

Financial stress is so overwhelming. I understand when people say how much worry they have from it, and how people live paycheck to paycheck. Dwight and I have lived that way...until now. We will now have a savings account and it's a first for us!! We have struggled SO much in the past ...but have come to the realization that it's just not worth it. THINGS are not worth it. I don't mean to harp on this but it really is a milestone for us and it's my blog ....soooo ...!!!

Anyway ...just had to share our happiness for the month!

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