Friday, August 25, 2006

Drama Queen

Here are a few of the final pics from Santas Workshop. Gabe and Dwight had to pose in the frosty cut out. I just love that one of Gabriel, he's so sweet. As for the one of would I run if Frosty looked like that.
Did you know you only have 125 days until Christmas!!!

Next we were off to Birch Run. This is a Shoppaholics dream come true. There are about 100 stores all together in one complex and Dwight and I walked around the ENTIRE complex. No, we weren't shopping as you might imagine....we were enjoying blissfull silence as both youngins were finally asleep in the stroller. We would have walked all day just to keep them sleeping and enjoy some time to 'ourselves'. It was relaxing and I think I bought about 25$ worth. Pants for Dwight and a little french hat for Ashlyn (which I have to duct tape her hands down in order to see her in it).

It's funny how a couple years ago I would have been buying up all kinds of stuff and would have found joy in it. Not anymore....I enjoy simplicity and less clutter, I don't find the same joy in stuff anymore, but rather in people, relationships, fellowship, and Good memories.
This is Miss Ashy Poo, we turned her forward facing for the trip, it was much nicer. We were off again, this time to Wheels Inn.
This involved crossing the border back into good ol' Ontario and this time it seemed as though the hubs could handle the stress... until.......well ,this pic of Ashlyn was the last smile we saw until Ontario. She decided it was time to turn the drama up a notch and so she went ahead and vomitted .....okay fine, baby puke, I can handle that. I cleaned it up (while moving I might add) and thought we'd just get over the border and I could change her.
'Oh no Mommy...that wouldn't be dramatic enough' says my little queen.

Just as we were approaching the border crossing and officials (next car in line to go to booth) she decided to vomit again ...... but this time she choked on it. So I reached back and held her head forward while the hubs jumped out of the car in Mission Impossible fashion and expertly got her out and held her upsidedown on his arm. She threw up 3 times and I had to jump in the drivers side and pull our car out of line. The people around us were aghast. The border official came out and asked if everything was alright ....and then said I could hold Ashlyn on my lap to get through and that there was a McDonalds just across the way. It was nice to see that even they have feelings.

Once we stopped at McD's and got her cleaned up, she seemed like her old self. Chirping away and saying 'Hi" every 30 seconds...(she says 'hi' by the way) So we decided to proceed to Wheels Inn.

When I was a kid I went to Wheels with my cousin Bianca and we had a don't really care where you are when you're with your best friend and you're having fun, but Wheels Inn was a kids dream.
As an adult you have a slightly different perspective....well at least I did. It was much different than how I saw it as a child. It was older, smaller, and much noisier. I'm getting old aren't I?
The hubs on the other hand was having wayyy too much fun. Gabe wasn't allowed to ride any of the indoor rides on his own as he is too little so Dwight Haaaad to go with him. It's unfortunate though, 'cause as you can see from the pics, Dwight really didn't enjoy himself. Whaaatever....he was enjoying MORE than Gabe ....he pressured poor little Gabriel to go on the roller coaster. It's funny though, if we had been at Canada's Wonderland, Dwight couldn't have handled any ride, but lucky for him, these were just his size.

We checked out of Wheels by 10 in the morning and were ready to get home. We slowly puttered our way back and found ourselves home by about 2 in the afternoon.

Ahhhhhhhh, Home Sweet Home.

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