Monday, September 04, 2006

Ambulance ride...

We were heading out to the barn to feed the baby calves, and as usual, Ashlyn was going to ride in the 'little red wagon' with her new purple rubber boots and play with her toys and be a good little girl.

She had different plans.

Gabe and Ashy-poo and I made it to the barn and I began checking the baby cows and stirring up their milk pails. This is when Ashlyn decided to throw in some of her drama, to spice up the boring routine. She stood in her wagon (not unusual for little miss surfer girl) and this is where she added some new choreography, ...she let go of the handles to clap her hands (after all she was standing on her own...) and WHOOPS....over the 3.5 ft high railings and -SMACK- on the concrete below, face first. She then bounced on to the top of her head, and landed on her back. The wind was knocked out of her.

I was standing in the door way and watched the entire fall happen as though in slow-mo. I screamed, and ran, but not fast enough...I just missed her. She was screaming an almost silent scream, I scooped her up and ran for the parlour, where Dwight was.

By the time we made it into the house her nose had starting bleeding badly, and her forehead was a purpley colour and her left eye was swelling shut. She and I were bawling and Dwight had run to get Gabe (who was alone in the barn, with the calves....probably loving it..). He decided to call ambulance dispatch (he knows these #'s from being a volunteer fireman) they decided she should go in via ambulance.

So there I was in the ambulance (again) with my hurting daughter. Once we arrived at the hospital Ashlyn thought she was fine and was chatting with all the nurses (hi and uh-oh repeatedly) and they were loving it. The Doctor said we had to watch for a concussion, and that she may get a black eye but all in all she survived with just a goose egg, some bleeding, scrapes and cuts. Thank you Lord.

Here is the little Dolly after we got home from the hospital ....these pics look pretty awful, but she is in very good spirits....

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