Wednesday, September 20, 2006


My dishwasher broke yesterday...something to do with the heating coil. It's only 2 years old, and when I called the service people, they said it would be 1 whole week before they could come out to 'have a look at it'. *grrrroan*

I realize a dishwasher isn't exactly a necessity, but let me tell you when you're used to it and when you have limited yourself on your grocery bill and budget and cannot eat out, you begin to miss it.

I am feeling very Amish lately (I guess because I'm becoming more and more domesticated and now because I have to wash all the dishes by hand *double groan*). Dwight became friends with some of the Amish men that built our new calf barn and we've been to visit them and WOW what a different life than any of us are used to. So much simpler and so much more complicated at the same time. Simpler in that, they are back to basics and they do not depend on machines, they are self-sufficient and family oriented. Yet more complicated in that cooking, working, driving, etc. are all very labourious undertakings.

I can really appreciate that they depend on God in all their daily happenings and understand that 'stuff' does not constitute happiness. They are a very tightly knit bunch that have raised their children to understand the pride in a hard days work. I find that very admirable. It's hard to instill a good work ethic in children, especially these days when there are so many distractions. Dwight and I have even debated on giving up the tv. Still hasn't happened ....yet...

So although you won't find me wearing a dress and bonnet tomorrow, I can see why people choose the harder path in life, there is a certain gratification to working with your hands and seeing what the body God designed for you, can accomplish.

We're already instilling a good work ethic in Gabriel...he started plowing yesterday (in his head.)


Anonymous said...

How will you know what Dora is doing if you give up the tv. She is the only edumacation I gets durin the day! Hola..ok I had planned to put a whole list of spanish words...but seriously hola, was the only one that would come to embarrassing!!! I feel like such a fool. jen

Anonymous said...


Well Gabe could teach you...
(spelling is wrong)

Donata - your welcome
Gracias - Thankyou
#'s 1-5 - une, dos, tres, quattro, cinquo, sez
Amigo - friend

And there's a few others I know he is saying that I just don't know the meaning of!! You're right though , Dora has taught him some good stuff :)

Anonymous said...

why spanish when his Oma could teach him to count to ten in dutch.
een, twee, dree, feer, fijf, ses, suven, acht, neigen, teen (spelling may be totally wrong, don't laugh Lotte!!) I'll even dress up like Dora (may have to straighten my hair and lose a little weight) Love ya! Oma