Friday, September 22, 2006

Huffy.. puffy

I'm. So. Tired.

Ashlyn was up 5+ times lastnight, she and her brother went and caught a chest cold. Arrrg, these darn weak immunity systems, I'll teach them. It's dirt and worms for dinner again tonight.

I thought that by playing in the calf barn my kids would be building some kind of defence, I mean there is dirt of all kinds out there. But no. this is the second cold this year. The last one was the runny nose kind....ewww. I'll take a chest cold anyday over crusty noses.

So on another note, I'm at a crossroads. I can either dig my heels in and try to lose some of this winter insulation...I know, I know, why before winter would I dare to lose a possible heat source in this cold Canadian climate...seems almost silly doesn't it? I mean these thighs of mine could keep a grizzly bear hibernatin'. But alas, the fact that I cannot get up my 13 stairs while holding my daughter, without huffing and puffing is a sign that perrrrrrhhhaaaaps, I have a little too much weight on me.

You know what's Reaaalllly bad? I found a picture of myself from just after I had gotten married. I had a put on a few pounds and decided I needed to lose them I took a pic of myself in my skivvies. Well, I just found that picture, and darn tootin', I was skinny as a rail. So I decided to show the hubs to get his reaction...and can you guess what he said?

He was guarded at first, I could tell he was afraid to say the wrong thing. I looked at him waiting for a response, and a smile spread across his face.
'What'.... I said..
'Nothing'....He said
'It's just, ..ya, you were skinny, and look at your face, it was so much thinner then.' He said.

Mmmm. Well at least I know where you're sleeping tonight, and it ain't with me buster.
The correct answer would have been; Honey, you've given me 2 babies, you're a wonderful Mom who no longer her puts her needs ahead of others, you've had to focus on other people for a while but now baby, it's your turn. I'm getting you a weekend away at a spa resort up north. You can bring 3 friends and this will just be a kick start to a healthier lifestyle that we can BOTH begin, together.

Ahhh, if pigs could fly.


Anonymous said...

What's with husbands this week? I feel like perhaps Dave is starting to make a bad impression on Dwight. I think we should ground them from each other for the horrible things they have done this week. Then you and I can go out and eat McDonalds and spend their paychecks. TEE HEE HEE!!

Anonymous said...

Right on sista!
*snap snap* *head wiggle*

Janalynn said...

Hey Leanne...

To make you feel better...last saturday i was at the carpet store picking carpet for our new house when the saleswoman asked "When's your baby due?"...i was like "WHAT?!?!?!" I then told her i have a 4 month old... nice...classy..that's what you hope for... can you top that this week??????? JL

Anonymous said...

OH NO...I am dying!! LOL, That is like THEE worst. I hope I can't top that JL, I would hate to think what would top it, and I'm not prepared for anymore kickin' me while I'm down. Poor girl. I thought you looked amazing at Patti's she must have been drunk.
Anyway, You got the new house??!! yippee! is this the one by Shiloh's siblings?

JL said...

Yeah we are planning on buying the new townhouse next to Shiloh's sister Ariann and her husband. We are still in the process of trying to sell our house though. So pray that someone wants to buy our cute little 2 bedroom house!

On another note, i did do weight watchers last year and loved it! I lost 20 lbs right before i got pregnant and i felt so much better too! I also want to lose my winter weight even though our winters aren't as cold as the canadian ones! I find it really hard to lose weight while breastfeeding b/c i get so hungry!! Any thoughts??

Anonymous said...

I forget the amount of calories you burn by breastfeeding, but it's a fairly high number. I was the same as you, hungry and especially thirsty. I know most diets won't touch you if your breastfeeding, or it's hardly a diet. BUT it's really not worth it either, you don't want your production to drop, just to lose a couple pounds. I'm all done b-feeding Ashy (and have been for almost 5 months.)and NEED to start something, I seem to be eating the same amount I was then, and am surely not burning the calories!! Then Wa-laa, you get thunder thighs, and a jelly roll.

girlebert said...

Leanne Dear, I had a whole comment typed up but it doesnt' seem to appear!!:(
I hesitate at suggesting an internet friends weight loss accountability program. BUT I'm hesitant at the thought of you succeeding from my suggestion and me sitting here with tears streaming down my face at your success. I am SO trembling at the thought of not being able to lose weight and other succeeding to beat me at my quest.
Wanna meet at Macdonalds or Taco Bell and discuss our options:):)

Anonymous said...

Awwwww!!! Christin I totally thought the same thing...and TOTALLY feel the same way!!! LOL
like what if everyone does so great....except me! Girl, I am so up for McDonalds to discuss, then Taco Bell for dessert...maybe Starbucks after for a hot drink. LOL!

I'm with ya on the weight loss internet thing though...