Monday, September 18, 2006


Ashlyn likes to spend time outside on our back lawn where we can see the barn kitties. They are quite social and one kitty in particular has taken a liking to Ashlyn, his name is Henry.

He's quite affectionate and can handle Ashy's little hands pulling his fur. Here she is going in for the grab...

Even Sadie joins the fun..

Gabe on the 'orange tractor'.

A boy and his dog.

Gabriel and Grandpa workin'.


Anonymous said...

Oh Leanne; Beautiful pictures. I just love the one where Ashlyn is leaning on the well and Sadie is bringing her a leaf and Henry is sneaking ever closer. They just want to be her buddies. And the one with Gabe on the tracter. Opa said 'look, he's already reaching for the clutch'.

Anonymous said...

Did you know he can already start the Gator?? He can't put it into gear...but I'm sure that's only a matter of time. We'll be watching him like a hawk!

(I used the new effects in picassa for the pictures.)