Monday, October 02, 2006

2 week point...

So this month of hard core budgeting has been going very well. We 're heading into week 3 and so far I've bought $10 a week of fresh fruits and veggies and milk. (This is what we agreed on order to avoid scurvy..) My meal plan has remained true, we haven't made many adjustments at all.

Each morning I wake up, get the kids ready and one of the first things I do once I get downstairs is check out the meal plan to see what I'll be shopping for in the basement grocery store. I grab the recipe card, then go shopping in the freezer and pantry.

We have yet to eat out. This is a MAJOR accomplishment for me....I have cooked every meal for 2 weeks straight. We will be eating out on October 10th, as it is the hubs 30th birthday, but in staying true to being frugal...we will be using a coupon for a free birthday meal!!! (okay ewww, I really am taking this to the limit aren't I??)
On another note, Ashlyn is getting ALL 4 top teeth at the same time, poor dolly. She's been fevering on and off for a couple days and has some rosy cheeks, I've given some teething items...... but so far .... a whole pear is what keeps her happy. Just munching away on a soft, sweet bartlett pear. Here are some pics...

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