Sunday, October 22, 2006

Little man..

The most wonderful thing in the world for me to hear, is the sound of my little man talk about Jesus.

A while ago Gabe mentioned he was scared of lions and he thought there was one in his bedroom one night. He made his way to our room and as he layed beside me he said "Mommy?" ..."There's a Lion in my room.." I said "No, there's no Lions, they are only in the zoo." He said "Oh...I talked to Jesus because I was scared"

When he comes home from Sunday school he talks about what he learned. Last Sunday it was "Bugs...and Jesus" (creation) another Sunday it was "water and the waves...2 waters" (the parting of the red sea).

We try to read the childrens bible after we eat and ask Gabe to pray before dinner...he hasn't yet, but I can't wait to hear him pray...

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girlebert said...

WOW that is amazing. BELIEVE you me. Or to hear your kids crying at the dinner table 'cause the other one got to give thanks, and not them. So, often we have 2 prayer times at the table. One from Alyssa, One from Aiden!!