Thursday, November 02, 2006

Beef Stroganoff..

So the meal plan says Beef Stroganoff for dinner tonight and it's a crock pot recipe. JOY!! I have to tell you I loooove crock pot recipes, they are virtually effortless and your meal is cooked for you! If you're a working person, how wonderful would it be to come home to the aroma of a meal ready to eat...Mmmm. I just love that I can throw eveything into the pot and relax, knowing dinner is good to go.
This one calls for mushroom soup and cream cheese, I had a nice big round steak in the freezer that I thawed for the stewing meat. What a great stick to your ribs kind of recipe for a cold day. Serve with fresh bread and a salad, with a big glass of cold milk....Deeelicious!

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