Monday, November 06, 2006

I CAN'T wait for Christmas!! I am really starting to think about the holidays and how I can make them so special for my children. I want them to understand the TRUE meaning of Christmas and also enjoy the festivities and abundance of the season.

I've made my self a 'daily duty' list that I hope to scratch off by the time the holiday arrives. It involves big cleaning projects around the house as well as some other prep's a few:

*pick out Christmas cards, and write letter
*have kids photos taken on Nov. 16th
*write a baking list
*get hair cut and highlighted for the holidays
*paint baseboards
*clean fridge and freezer
and many many more...

I've also read some ideas on how to cut down on laundry, and this is something this momma needs to do. It involves streamlining your closet, picking through your clothes and cutting back. As it stands I have FAR too many pyjamas and too few pants. (Gives you an idea of what I'd be wearing if you just 'popped' over....hee hee...please call first :) So the idea is to have 2 dressy outfits, 1 work clothes outfit, and 5 regular outfits. (there's a little more to it than that...for the full story, click here)

So I think this is something I would love to implement once the hub bub of the holidays are over. This will give me something to focus on and keep my hands busy. I find the days after Christmas to be some of the most tiresome days of the year, The weather just makes me feel down. The plan is to prevent it this year by having some great project ideas on hand, Dwight is also in a lot more at this time of year as the ground work is done, and he likes to get into house projects too.

Today we're off to Stratford to pick up some farm supplies, but my alterior motive is to look in some shops....I love the way the little shop windows are decorated and can't wait to start getting ideas for my shopping list. The Hubs knows I love this kind of day trip and he's rushing around trying to get the farm chores done so we can get going... Gotta love him.

I'll let you know what trinkets I find....

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