Friday, December 22, 2006

Little Boy Blue...

The other day, Gabriel decided to open up Daddy's trumpet case from when the Hubs was in highschool. He slid the case into the living room and popped open the hinges and was in awe of the golden instrument inside.

Once the hubs realized what Gabe was doing, he decided he ought to show the little man how to operate this new found toy. He played us a rendition of our highschool song....complete with the 'dum da da dum da dum.....CHARGE!!" (this ought to put a smile on Medway's Alumni) and as well he played "Last Post" the song played on rememberance day. The kids stood in wide eyed wonderment as daddy's cheeks puffed up and the sound blasted from the golden toy, Gabe was almost speechless when 'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" was played.

Finally it came time for the little man to learn to purse his lips and 'pppppttttt' into the mouth piece. The hubs and I were then staring in wide-eyed wonderment as Gabe played a few notes using the correct mouth positioning.

It seems as though he's discovered a new-found talent....

I'm wishing the new talent was sign-language or playing a dog know, something I can't hear.

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