Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Stones....of the kidney variety.

So far so good, laundry and I are maintaining our bond. I'm getting a little low on the fabric softener after my 'clothing escapade' but lucky for me, we're off to do our monthly shop today. I'm hoping to keep it small, but I know how many wonderful Christmas treats will be out there...

I've been on the brink of having a kidney stone for the past few days. A powerful pain in my left side (easily mistaken for back pain..) is the first clue that a stone is imminent. I was prone to having these about a year ago and after having an ultrasound done, it was discovered that I have both kidneys. They range in sizes, the largest being close to 7 mm. I've read that a 7 mm stone is nearly impossible to pass, so quite often a laser is involved in blasting them into tiny pieces that are passable. Yay for lasers.

The worst stone pain I've experienced was when I was 36 weeks pregnant with Ashlyn. We rushed to the closest hospital and once they saw me they were convinced I should be at the childrens hospital where babies are delivered. After I screamed at them, vomitted, and had a Dr. do a cervical check....pretty much all at the same time, I was admitted and treated for a kidney stone.

Ahhhh Morphine, the drug that cures all. Although it makes me incredibly itchy, and strangely enough my nose can smell the drug as it passes through my body (I know that sounds weird, but I can really smell it!!) it really helps to dull the pain to bearable. Kidney stone pain has been compared to labour and some of the worst pain experienced by mankind. I'd have to agree. It breaks me into a cold sweat, makes me vomit from the sheer pain, makes my body tremble, and turns my urine brown. It's horrible, and would make a wonderful torture tactic if they knew exactly what creates them. It's different in different people, some people it's hereditary, some dietary, and a few other causes. You'd have to catch a stone and have it analyzed in order to understand it's origins. So far, I've had no such luck in collecting one, elusive little suckers.

Believe it or not though, I've been given a remedy that's helped keep them at bay for over 6 months now. (It would be working for me now too, if I wasn't such an idiot when it came to remembering to take pills...) It's called Magnesium Oxide. I went from having kidney pain every month it seemed, to having none. at all. The remedy comes from my cousins, aunt who is a naturo-path of sorts. I was tenative at first but realized nothing could hurt more than a stone anyway so I may as well dive right in....and it worked.

So now if only these magic little pills can stop a stone that's already started, ....I'll be in luck. If not...prepare the morphine for Christmas day, and I'll be wishing you a Cherry Mistmas.


Our 4 Munchkins...6 pigtales & a buzzcut! said...

YOu poor soul. I feel for you, as I have heard that these little stones are very painful. Hopefully the pills work for you..and you will have a pain free Christmas!


Shiloh, Janalynn & Zeke said...

Ahhhhh Leanne, that sounds horrible!! But at least you continue to make us laugh with your Cherry Mistmas! all the best!!oh my..see you soon my friend...JL :)