Friday, January 05, 2007


This is called multi-tasking....It's what you do when you don't have enough hands, a load of laundry, and a child waking up from her nap...that both need to be brought downstairs.

I was on my game yesterday...dishes done, laundry cycling, toys picked up, lunch made, borrowed items returned, then BAM it hit me.

I was upstairs throwing a comforter into the washing machine and as I was crouched in the position that one would be in when they are throwing in the comforter...and I felt a slight pop. That's all it took...couldn't get out of said position. Ooooeeeee. I waddled my way back downstairs, head hanging over my toes and laid on the couch. The hubs applied a sticky heating pad to my lower back (yes its supposed to be's one of those sticker tensor bands, not just a dirty ol' heating pad) and after 2 ibuprofens, I was starting to feel better....I can still feel it this morning but nothing this big mama can't handle. After all, the hubs goes to the barn 2ce daily with a bad back and a flat foot and he doesn't complain, even when his ankle is swelled up like ... like my nasty pregnancy ankles, the ones that are easily compared to a large citrus fruit. Grapefruits or huge Florida oranges.

Anywho as Dwight is in the barn with his other ladies... I must tell you a story of a poor cow. If you're easily overcome by sad animal stories...please do not read on. If you're a glutton and need to cut down on your consumption, please, read on to find out what could happen to you.

There was a cow, lets call her Bessie. Overnight the other night, Bessie broke out of her stanchon (the chain that ties them up so they can't run amuck, and so they take the time to lay down on their comfy beds at night and produce milk) and she was like a cow gone wild. She decided that while all of friends were happily munching on their cud, she would search out the feed cart and have herself an extra meal...or seven. Cows don't really act on their feelings of 'Ooo I'm full' they see food and they eat it. and eat it. and eat it. Well once Bessie nearly consumed a cart load of high protein feed, she went along her merry way. Until they found her at 4 in the morning with a bloated belly and the sweats. Poor thing, she ate her way to sickness. Dwight let her try to walk it off all morning...they say mineral oil is one of the best things to help things move along...just like in us humans.

So I guess the moral of the story is eat smaller portions, If only I could heed my own words. (and not eat a bowl of whipped cream, with a piece of chocolate cake and some pudding) I guess I'll just keep a mental image of Bessie in my head, or just look down and see my body's growing likeness to Bessie, and realize it's time to turn on my 'Oooo I'm full' feeling.


Jethro, Squirt and Mel said...

If you had a good herd of Holsteins, that wouldn't happen...


Anonymous said...

LOL....hmmm, them's fightin' words :)