Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Tweet, Tweet.

I never dreamed I would enjoy bird watching, particularly since the hubs is an avid bird-hater.

The hubs and I were at our co-op store recently (yes, we do frequent this store often, as it seems that the Home Depot isn't keen on carrying calf feed and salt licks) and they've put up a new little display in the corner of their store. It was dedicated to all things feathered...whether it be a water feeding dish for chicks, or high-tech bird feeders. I decided to purchase a small suet feeder for 2.99 and a little seed bell (which is bird seed formed into the shape of a bell....perhaps I didn't need to explain that..) anywho, I brought them home and hung them on a shepards hook outside the livingroom window, hoping at the most to see a starling or two, for the kids to enjoy. Welllll....let me tell you, there are some weeeeird lookin' birds out there. We started off with blue jays and finches, and we've been promoted to woodpeckers and some zebra looking's quite ...well I wanted to say exhilarating, but I thought you'd think I'm lying. But really .... I love having pretty little creatures a foot or two away from the end of my nose, gently pecking away at their seeds.

Unlike the hubs, who tries to turn his head quickly while he sits on the couch in front of the window, hoping to scare my little friends away. They're hardy little buggers though, they have probably just deduced that the hubs has a tick and is just a poor man with a mental deficiency who is trying to enjoy a good look at them.

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