Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Chewy, chewy, ....

The pews on Sunday were lively, the preacher was on target and the congregation was loving it. It was a message that needed to be heard in our church and we all left with a new passion, and a hop in our step.

But, there was a moment when I couldn't contain my laughter. It came at the MOST inopportune moment of the morning message.

The pastor was speaking on Christians and the way they live, whether allowing the enemy to attack them, or if they are able to recognize the ways in which satan works to bring them down.

The Hubs was beside me and we were taking notes and listening with fervour.

Then it happened. The Hubs brought his hand to his mouth and slowly pulled out the gum he was chewing on, and along with it came a very long head hair....from my head. Apparently he had somehow managed to munch a hair into his little white ball of gum.

Just as he was slowly pulling the hair from the gum, preparing to pop it back into his mouth, we heard:

"Like DWIGHT who spoke at the mens breakfast, and told us of his testimony.....' The faces turned in our direction...


Dwight quickly lowered his hands and we acted as though there was no 'hairy gum incident' occurring at that very moment... we both looked upon the pastor with our best concentration faces and held back the guffaws that were brewing in our bellies.

As the pastor moved on and the faces looked away from The Hubs, I began to shake from the laughter that arose in my chest. I held it in and was able to come away with a quiet titter that only Dwight could hear.

The hair was removed, and as disgusting as this is, he popped it back into his mouth. Mmmm, mmm, hairless, handled, stale, gum. Deeee-licious.


Mandalyn said...

That is the funniest story! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Your stories crack me up. I know I keep saying that. But when I have a crapped up day I come and read your posts and I am immediately uplifted! :)