Monday, March 05, 2007


Dear Me:

(Circa 1997)

I know how you wish this were real and true. If only this were happening, and you were holding this letter in your hands. It's you...well me.... Us. I'm you, in 10 years..writing to let you know how those years go...and how you end up here.

Let me tell you to remember this moment. Stop and breath. Take it all in and please don't wish it all away. Close your eyes, ...and take in your youth. It's time to throw your cautions to the wind, forget those inhibitions, those lost feelings, and celebrate this time. No need to worry so much beautiful has a way of working itself out.

I wish I could reach you. Take you and hold your sweet ivory skin in my dry, cracked hands. I'd hold your face close to this one, and tell you it gets so much better than this, that you're absolutely gorgeous, and that you have a beautiful future. You weren't made for these years, though it seems that others relish in them. Sweetheart, you'll learn a lot from living them, but the best is yet to come.

You'll move on from these days of heartaches and self loathing, these moments of questioning your existence and your purpose ... and you'll find your way. You'll discover that's there's more to life than high school. It'll take a few more hardships, but it's so worth it in 10 years.

By next year, you'll be attending college..making the grade, becoming a stellar student and you'll make new friends. Lots of new friends. Perhaps too many new friends'll let your grades slide for the sake of a great party. You'll begin to lose touch with your family because your wonderful Mother will try to keep you in line. You'll think she's out of touch, but in your heart you'll know it's because she cares. Always remember she cares. She's really the very best thing that's ever happened to you...(I guess you happened to her)... You'll be leaning on her more and sooner than you know.

You'll soon realize things have gotten out of hand, you fallen further than you thought you ever would, and you've landed yourself in a pretty dark place. You'll need help to get out of that place. Chin up sweetheart. This is where things will take a turn for the better. And your momma in shining armour will pull you through, ...Never stop thanking her.

God is so good, You'll learn that more so through these trials than through any sermon. Understand He is Almighty, Sovereign, and the most loving Father you've known. He's teaching you sweetheart, and you're learning.

It'll happen one day when you're least expecting it. You think you'll never love again, you'll think part of you is unlovable.

Just then...He'll be there. I won't ruin the surprise for you...but know in your heart there is a place for him. He'll teach you, lead you, provide for you, and love you with a love so comforting, and so whole.

I know you're thinking that sounds pretty wonderful, but just wait until you meet the next blessings in your life. You'll understand then that there is another kind of love. A consuming and powerful love. You'll know your purpose then, there will be challenges no doubt, but the love outweighs all.

You'll find your niche, and you'll be good at it. You'll learn its not about material things, looks, how much money you make, or the next best thing. It's about faith, it's about love, it's about happiness, and it's about living out the reason God created you, sweetheart. There ain't nothin' worth staying here for, it's all about what's next...and I'm sure that'll really blow our minds.

Hold on. It gets better. For you and us.

With Love,
You (2007)
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Elizabeth said...

I loved visiting your blog, and especially liked this post! What a creative way to be retrospective :) Thank you for sharing your blog, I really enjoyed visiting :)