Monday, March 12, 2007

I just tiptoed to the playroom, because it was just too darn quiet.

As I peeked around the corner I saw my son holding a piece of sidewalk chalk up to his sisters eye and was pushing it back and forth on her closed eyelid. I stepped in and said 'Gabriel!' and he startled...but looked to me and said 'I'm just putting purple on Ashy's eyelid so she can be pretty..'

And Ashlyn was just standing there beaming.

Apparently they've been watching me apply makeup. Time to start closing the bathroom door. All I need is for Gabe to grow up wanting to be a makeup artist.


Anonymous said...

Maybe he and Nick can open a salon. Nick enjoys doing Mr.Patch's hair. Check out the blog pictures. He does a fine job.

Dana said...

That's so very sweet! What a good big brother, taking care of her like that! Tanner does stuff like that to himself. Yesterday he covered himself with pen art.....Maybe it's because he's seen my tattoos! :0X