Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I have a wonderful product in my house. It's a Rollaway Litter Box ...My cousin invented it, and he's also invented many a wonderful pet items. The Rollaway leaves you with very little in the way of having to clean the dreaded litter box. It's as simple as rolling the box and having the litter sift through a grate and Ta-Daa, all the clumps are in a scoop for you to drop into a bag.

I'm appreciating it more and more these days. Since we've taken in Layla (whom we may also call Queen Poopie) I've realized how awful it is to clean a litter box the conventional way. That being, a spoon, clumping litter and an old grocery bag.

The only way I get through it, is to pretend I'm unearthing Dinosaur bones. It makes the time pass faster, and if I can't smell the litter,... it's downright fun.

Today for instance I found the long neck of the Brontosaurus, the tooth of a T-Rex and a pile of Dino poo.



Katrina said...

Ha! Yes, I have had to create elaborate scenarios in my head to survive cleaning the litter box, too. :) I'll have to look into that litter box... that household task is definitely NOT one of my favorites.

Our 4 Munchkins...6 pigtales & a buzzcut! said...

I have wondered about those cleaning devices for litter..and well I may look into getting one now that we only have 1 cat instaed of 3..easier on the machine I

Anonymous said...

LOL! I can not tell you what a joy it is to read your blog. I love your sense of humor! And I HATE cleaning the litter box too. Gross!