Thursday, March 01, 2007

Pampered Chef...

My people. I have a product plug to do.

Pampered Chef's Large Bar Pan. Need I say more?

This pan is the ultimate in cooking necessities...(although I've lived just fine without until 3 days ago. But, really, if I had known about it earlier...)

Thus far I have made curry chicken, mini meatloaves, and country biscuits upon it's lovely stone face...and EVERYTHING has turned out better than I expected. (the very first batch of cookies were kind of a write off.. but that had to do with the seasoning of the stone)

I was told to cook something very greasy on it first and I thought my oatmeal cookies would do the trick, but alas, they sorta stuck and eventually became cookie crumbs on ice cream, that was before my reformed diet plans....I promise.

So tonight we're having mini meat loaves and biscuits (which are only 100 cals each I might add...thank you Pillsbury...)all cooked on the stone.

If you're ever invited to a party.....this is the pan to have.


girlebert said...

no pics?? C'mon..., How can you tantalize our taste buds and not at least show us what we are missing out on!!!!
We had pizza as I am poooped from packing!!

Our 4 Munchkins...6 pigtales & a buzzcut! said...

Have to agree with you! I love my Bar Pan..think I use it 6 out of 7 nights of the week. My is very seasoned now...I wouldn't go without one now for sure.

Happy baking/cooking!

Melissa said...

Might I suggest the Texas Sheet cake recipe I have posted on my blog. It turns out great in this pan! Seriously, I've been using this pan for about 5 yrs now, and it has never let me down! Have fun at the party this week!