Saturday, March 03, 2007

Spreaders...of the farming variety...

10 years ago, I wouldn't have believed you if you had told me I'd be having this conversation with my 2 year old boy. I probably would have said you're a bold face liar.

(Standing at large green chalkboard in playroom yesterday afternoon)

Gabe: 'Mommy, could you please draw me a manure spreader?'

Mommy: 'Sure honey, would you like the Nuhn liquid spreader, or the solid manure spreader?'

G: 'Umm, the solid one pwease.'

M: drawing with all her God-given talent ...(the Lord really didn't bless me in this area..)

G: 'Mommy, where are the beaters?'

M: 'Oh, right the beaters.....coughwhattheheckarethebeaterscough...'

G: 'Yes, the ones that fwing the poop..'

M:' Ohhhh, the poop flingers....riiight, forgot those didn't I?'

G: 'Yes you did.'

M: 'There, how's that ?' 'Look at that poop flinging..' (Drawing vigourously, in an arching manner)

G: 'Wow, Good Job Mommy!'

It takes so little to please my farm boy.


Imajackson said...

Ba hahahahahahahahahahh!

Super funny post! I almost choked on my lunch. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I guess now I need to post more things of substance. I'll definitely be back to read your blog again!

Elizabeth said...

Hehehehehee, Well, I must say, I liked this one so much too, it made me smile!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Very sweet..........the things Mama's do! God is good!!
Blessings to you and have fun, fun this weekend at the show!