Thursday, May 17, 2007

Here puppy puppy...

Oma watched the children yesterday as the Hubs and I completed our monthly grocery shop. She had stopped by the local small town grocery store in the morning to pick up some treats to have on hand for her grandbabies.

She even told the checkout lady that her grandchildren were coming over for a visit and she needed to pick up some special items for them.

She came home with her purchases and put the special treat in the freezer, anticipating the excited look on the children's faces as she'd serve them a tasty cup of ice cream.

That afternoon she decided it was time for them to experience the special treat. She brought out 3 cups of the ice cream THAT SHE FOUND BESIDE ALL THE "REGULAR" ICE CREAM...(I might add) and lucky for them she was the first one to rip her cup open.

In went her spoon, as she opened her mouth wide for that first cool, delicious bite.

It didn't take long for her face to twist and contort as she slowly realized what was up. With her mouth full, she took the ice cream from the children ...and ran to the bathroom. She spit out her spoon full as Gabriel chased her, wanting his special treat.

She told him how it tasted awful, and he wouldn't like it..then she showed him the box...and explained why our farm dog Sadie, would enjoy it so much more.


Mandalyn said...

That is so hilarious! I found myself smiling and then covering my mouth as I read what she had taken a bite of.

What in the world is that doing beside the regular ice cream? I guarantee you that she wasn't the only person to make that mistake!

CoachJ said...

I am rollin' on the floor laughin'!! This is hilarious!! I must be on the look out for this next time I go to the grocery store.

TeaMouse said...

That's terrible, good thing the kids didn't get a taste!

I have only seen it on sale at WalMart but it was right by the pet food area in a special freezer.

JennaG said...

Totally cracked me up!

Sonya said...

LOL! This sounds like something I'd do! How funny! I guess the kids really were in for a "special treat"....LOL!