Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Little Miss is sicky sicky...

We had to call off our little visitors for the farm tour today, as Ashlyn has now come down with strep throat as well. Poor little thing is having trouble finding anything that'll go down without any pain, and she's been running a high fever for days.

I took her to the after hours Doctor last night (Our family Dr offers a wonderful after hours practice that has many talented Dr's giving their time to be able to offer this option to their patients as well...you get a different Dr. all the time, but each is well mannered and very knowledgeable) and once I hog -tied Ashlyn in my arms, the Doc was able to peer into her throat, whilst little miss gave her best howl.

"Yup, looks like strep" was the conclusion.

We made our way, prescription in hand, to our favourite drug store...and just as we were waiting for the script to be filled...Ashlyn decided it was due time for some upheaval of the bile in her stomach...as there was so very little food.

There I stood in the feminine products aisle with a vomiting child. I tried to catch it in my hand...then it hit my shoulder...and finally my new purse. I skipped over to the prescription desk where a small line had begun and just said "ummm...could I get some help by chance?"... the line shifted away from my dripping hand, and the pharmacy assistant came to my aid with a box of kleenex. I'm sure she was totally grossed out, but she held her composure and called for clean up in aisle 6.

Although they had quoted me 15 minutes for the antibiotic suspension to be prepared...it was (to my delight) done within 2 minutes of the barf-o-rama.

Just a helpful hint to those of you in a rush next time you're picking up meds.


Mandalyn said...

Thanks, I'll keep that in mind! :)

I'm so sorry that she's sick. I sure hope she feels better soon!!

Pam said...

Is that all it takes? Kids can be so helpful at times!

pam said...

Hope Ashlyn is starting to feel better.
What a great story, kind of goes with the conversation we had on the phone -- you never know what will happen next when you're working with children.

Have a great day. Pam

CoachJ said...

I can attest to that fact. After my episode with Mandalyn's youngest spitting up in Gymboree (you can read that on my blog) it was amazing how that sales lady helped me find clothes so much faster!! :0)
And I need to learn how to hog-tie. Both of my kids are like that when they have to have a throat culture done. I hate it!!

Jessica K said...

Oh, poor you! And Ashlyn. At least she's too young to be embarassed. Too bad you're not, huh?