Friday, June 22, 2007

Hello All,

yes, it has been a while.

Things have been .... well.... a farm in the summer....busy as heck.

We're all healthy and happy, enjoying the mild weather and the swing set. Gabriels cousin Jada is here from North Carolina for the summer, and that's reason enough for my fingers to not be clacking away on the keyboard. From the minute he wakes up he's anxious to see her next door at Grandmas house.

Soon the pool will be ready...we're a little delayed this year as the upcoming wedding of Dwights sister is soon pending. She'll be married to her love, here on the farm. Pictures and reception will take place on the long stretch of lawn between our house and Grandmas. The tents will be put up, and the gardens are looking beautiful.

I'll be remaining on hiatus for a short while longer...and once things slow down, I promise for some fan-tabulous writing material...ooooo it'll be good. So please don't take me off your bloglines....I'll be back.....and better than ever.

Take Care and enjoy these dog-days of summer....afterall, they're what memories are made of.



MedStudentWife said...

I won't :)

Have fun and take care.

Mandalyn said...

I've been wondering about you and missing your posts! I'm glad that you are enjoying your summer! I can just imagine how beautiful the wedding will be on the farm. I would love to see a picture if you have time!

Look forward to your coming back into the blogosphere!

Coach J said...

I could never take you off my google reader!! You are much too fun to keep up with. I'm sure a farm is such hard work!
Looking forward to seeing your pics and hearing more stories!

Pam said...

My neighbor's granddaughter got married last year, and used their barn as a backdrop for the ceremony. It was very picturesque!

Elizabeth said...

No worries here, I always check up on you ;) Have a wonderful time and looking forward to lots of pics and fantabulous posts :)

Anonymous said...

Just thought I would let you know I miss you! I hope your summer has been great!

Mandalyn said...

OK, now I'm ready for you to come back! I miss your funny posts!:)

tim relf said...

Come back soon, Leanne. I'm looking forward to reading more about you farm - even if you are thousands of miles away!

Jethro, Squirt and Mel said...


I can't wait to hear of your happenings from the summer. And see a few photos too! I hope you are all enjoying the summer.